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Kosé Launches a More Versatile Color Cosmetics Line

Visee Avant will be aimed at women in their 20s.

TOKYO — Kosé is launching a line under its Visée brand of cosmetics, aiming to give young women the tools to experiment more with different looks.

The new offering, called Visée Avant, will target makeup and trend-conscious women in their 20s. Visée targets young women looking for a grown-up, ladylike look but who don’t want to splurge on department store brands. Visée Avant will look to exploit the more playful side of these consumers, giving them more options to customize their look to their mood or to a specific occasion.

Visée Avant’s range will consist of single items rather than palettes, but with a range of color and texture options that allow women to combine products as they see fit to play up their individuality and create different looks. The initial offering will include 20 shades of eyeshadow singles, four shades of lip tint, 20 shades of nail polish and three types of eyeshadow brushes. Like Visée, it will be sold primarily at drugstores starting from Aug. 21.

Rola, a popular Japanese model who is the face of Visée, will also represent Visée Avant.

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