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Kristofer Buckle Has Auspicious Start on QVC

Viewers snatched up 20,000 units from the celebrity makeup artist’s beauty line in about 45 minutes.

Glamour is apparently a quality that QVC customers covet.

Kristofer Buckle, the makeup artist known for his work on some of the biggest divas in the music and movie business, including Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, sold 20,000 units from his namesake line in roughly 45 minutes on Thursday during his QVC debut. The line is composed of eight products priced from $32 to $42, and three of the highlights are Power Lock Makeup Setting Spray, Full Disclosure Scalp Cover Duo and A Trick or Two Dual-ended Eyeliner and Mascara Duo.

“Before I knew it, the show was over early because we had completely sold out. I was so lost in the moment that I’d forgotten people were even buying the products,” exclaimed Buckle. “I was just happy to be out there sharing tips on how everyone could look their best. I’m blown away by the success and am really looking forward to my next QVC appearance.”

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Ellen Lennon, director of beauty merchandising for QVC, said viewers responded to Buckle’s “captivating personality, innovative products and extensive beauty expertise.” She elaborated, “Even though he’s worked with all these famous faces, he still shared on air how excited and nervous he was to be on QVC and that genuine sentiment made him extremely relatable. We are excited to expand our relationship and bring in new product in the coming months.”

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QVC has been ramping up the presence of up-and-coming brands like Kristofer Buckle, which was showcased on the dedicated beauty network Beauty iQ as well, on air and online. In a Liberty Interactive Corp. third-quarter earnings call, QVC chief executive officer and president Mike George said the network is adding 40 brands in the first half of this year. If Kristofer Buckle’s performance is any indication, QVC’s audience is receptive to trying out brands they may not have heard of previously.

Hatchbeauty is involved in developing Buckle’s merchandise for QVC, and the Los Angeles-based brand incubator and owner also has a hand in creating products under his name for Costco as part of a program called Beauty’s Most Wanted. Industry estimates earlier told WWD that the Kristofer Buckle products on QVC could generate $15 million in retail sales during their first year on the market.