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Kryolan Professional Makeup Appeals to the Masses

The brand will launch updated packaging, brand visuals, products and Web site all by the end of 2012.

After 67 years, Kryolan Professional Make-up is unveiling a completely new look. Now under the slogan “Kryolan: Makeup is a Science,” the brand will launch updated packaging, brand visuals, products and Web site all by the end of 2012.

Founded by Arnold Langer, Kryolan has manufactured makeup for use in film, theater and television since its beginnings in 1945. Today, the brand continues to serve makeup artists and consumers in these fields, but is expanding its reach to the everyday consumer.

“Kryolan has reached a point where we are well-received by professionals,” said Dominik Langer, managing director of Kryolan and grandson of founder Arnold Langer, “but also by consumers who like to buy professional products. We haven’t changed in 50 years and we have to rebrand to become more fashionable.” While providing product for consumers, Kryolan will still craft products that address the challenges artists face.

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The rebranding is centered on the new slogan of makeup is a science. “We manufacture all of our own products and we have a lot of chemists working for our company,” said Langer. “Everything we develop has a science and chemistry background.”

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Kryolan’s newly designed Web site will focus on product transparency. Consumers will have the option to view different shades of Kryolan products along with their ingredients. Also, tutorials will be available to show customers how to use certain products.

In terms of its Berlin heritage, Kryolan plans to continue incorporating the Berlin art scene into its re-branding process. “We get a lot of feedback from makeup artists in film and theatre in Berlin,” said Langer. “That’s how we develop our products.” Previously silver with navy blue and white accents, the new packaging is now navy blue with silver accents and will affect both new and old stock. Additionally, Arnold Langer’s signature will grace the packaging and relaunched Web site. “The signature represents everything that goes into our company,” said Langer.

With over 65,000 total products, the brand will not discontinue anything throughout the rebranding process. Already launched in Europe, Kryolan will introduce a variety of new products to its flagships in Chicago and San Francisco. These include Eye shadow primer, new lip colors, loose powder pigments, 22 new nail colors, HD Micro-Primer, 17 new shades of Faceliner and Makeup Blend. The products, which range in price from $11.95 to $26.50, began their roll out this month.

In addition to Kryolan’s two flagships in the U.S, it also sells products through specialty boutiques such as Alcone Corporation, Nigel Beauty Emporium and Naimie’s Beauty Center. In early 2013, Kryolan is scheduled to launch an online shop in the U.S.