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Lorac Los Angeles Launches ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Limited-Edition Collection

Licensed collaboration with Disney yields access to artistic elements from the film.

Lorac Los Angeles hopes its latest beauty collection will be a beast in sales.

On the heels of its brisk-selling “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies”-themed launch, Lorac is teaming with Disney again. This time in conjunction with the much-anticipated home release of “Beauty and the Beast.”

The March theatrical release of the beloved classic shattered opening sales records. Recently, the live-action remake of Disney’s 1991 fairy tale surpassed $500 million at the domestic box office, making it the eighth movie ever to do so. The same frenzy is expected for the June 6 release of DVD, Blu-Ray and digital versions.

On June 1 — just ahead of the home release — Lorac will go on sale with its Disney “Beauty and the Beast” limited-edition Pro eye shadow palette, cheek palette, lip gloss collection and lipstick collection.

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The tale of Belle and the cursed prince lends itself to interpretation in color cosmetics, said Betsy Hamlett, chief creative officer of Lorac Cosmetics. Lorac’s “Beauty and the Beast” makes its debut on, followed by Ulta Beauty and Kohl’s and the company’s other retail partners.

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“We felt it was right to do another project with Disney, even on the heels of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” part of it is because we love how different [the themes] are,” explained Hamlett. But there are also parallels. “In both story lines, there are overarching stories of a strong female presence.”

The anchor of the “Beauty and the Beast “collection is an interpretation of its Pro Eye Shadow Palette, a popular seller in the Lorac portfolio, this time inspired by Belle’s strength and beauty.

'Beauty and the Beast' Color Collection
The full assortment of “Beauty and the Beast.” mattcoats

“Belle has a love of reading adventure stories and tales. The palette looks like a book you might see in the film and opens like a book. The shades are in rows across as if they tell a story,” explained Hamlett. The cover features the image of the single rose linked to the story. There’s also a rendition of the film’s magic mirror inside, along with quotes from the movie about zeroing in on strength. Since it is a licensed collaboration, Lorac has access to the actual assets and artistic elements from the film including the mirror and the rose.

The shade stories are critical to Lorac which, other than black, never repeats a hue. The colors translate to portions of the film. For example, taupes and blues correspond to early scenes that take place in the peasant village. Another swatch of colors pays homage to the famed dance between Belle and the Beast.

Ancillary products include a Cheek Palette, inspired by the movie’s legendary rose, and two lip assortments (lip gloss and lipstick), also sport signature red among the shades.

Prices range from $28 for the cheek palette to $48 for the eye palette. The lip gloss retails for $34, the lipstick $36.

The 22-year-old company, a pioneer in the indie Los Angeles landscape, sees the licensed agreements with Disney as an avenue to play off its home base while also freshening its image. “Partnering with collaborations with studios allows us to express artistry and creativity,” Hamlett said. Later this year, the beauty brand will pay tribute to Los Angeles with eye and cheek products taking cues from five neighborhoods such as Venice and Beverly Hills. These launches, she added, help expose Lorac to new customers.

TheBeauty and the Beast” collection has a twist versus the marketing for “Pirates of the Caribbean.” One is that it is tied to the at-home release rather than the theatrical debut; the other is that all promotion was bottled up until days before the film’s availability. Once unleashed, the campaign features an all push in social media including influencers, digital and national print advertising. “Nothing happens before June 1 — it is like we are dropping an album,” Hamlett laughed.

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