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Love Your Selfie Ushers in Fresh Thinking for Stila

Four diverse women were selected to be faces of fall campaign.

Stila Kicks Off National Selfie Day
Stila brings back its original illustrator to interpret the Stila girl in a modern way.

Stila’s newest campaign, Love Your Selfie, packs a bigger message than just capturing the perfect pose.

In conjunction with National Selfie Day on June 21, Love Your Selfie introduces four new faces selected from a contest to represent Stila’s fall collection.

But for Lynn Tilton, the founder and chief executive officer of Patriarch Partners LLC, who bought the company from the brink of extinction in 2009, Love Your Selfie represents everything she’s put into the cosmetics company.

“We live in a world of selfies and we want women to post selfies with confidence. Love Your Selfie is inspiring and empowering young girls to be influencers and believe in themselves,” said Tilton.

With the campaign, she hopes to cast an even wider net. “I bought this company to have fun with women. I live in male industries [her other investments include Dura Automotive, Universal Instruments and MD Helicopters] and I want to teach women our destinies will change when we become kind to each other.”

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Tilton’s efforts to position Stila as the cosmetics worn by the “cool, nice girl,” are ringing registers. Under her watch, Stila has notched yearly double-digit sales gains and expanded international volume by 50 percent. Industry sources estimates annual sales have quadrupled and now exceed $100 million.

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The four women who front the new campaign were handpicked from almost 1,000 entries who submitted via #StilaSelfie. In a throwback to its heritage, original Stila Girl illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari captured the images of the diverse winners. In conjunction, they were made up for a photo shoot by Stila artist Sarah Lucero. The unretouched images will star online and in store on merchandising displays in retail partners such as Ulta Beauty and Sephora. The campaign will also serve international retailers, too.

Stila Kicks Off National Selfie Day
A “before” illustration of the Stila girl.

“This is about feeling comfortable with oneself…today beauty comes in a diverse package. We wanted to reward our followers with letting them be in our next campaign,” said Tilton who added if successful, the new Stila Girls could be used in the future, as well.

While giving a nod to its past, Tilton acknowledged the brand is transforming for the future. “The beauty and retail industries have changed dramatically. You have to stay fluid because anyone who gets comfortable is foolish and will be left behind.”

To keep current, Stila is listening to consumers to cocreate products. “We’ve all discovered influencers are how people find trends. It is no longer celebrity driven, people are learning from others similar to themselves. We are trying to understand Generation Z and the Millennial customers…that doesn’t mean we aren’t catering to old women like me,” chuckled Tilton. “But the future is a very different young girl and understanding what [about] them drives our product and our distribution.”

A case in point is One Step Correct Correcting and Brightening Serum. The company has long had a successful product which helped neutralize or conceal skin issues such as redness. However, some consumers clamored for a colorless option which is now rolling out.

So, what products will create the perfect selfie? Tilton’s recipe includes the Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer, Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color to define the brow, Huge Extreme Lash Mascara and a ‘touch’ of Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream. “And a pop of glitter because this is a Stila Selfie,” she concluded.