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Lush Launching Colors Aimed at Lifting Moods

The company’s first full cosmetics collection, Emotional Brilliance, bows on July 21.

For Lush, feeling lucky is no longer a matter of, well, luck.

The company’s first full cosmetics collection, Emotional Brilliance, which bows on July 21, is centered on the belief that color can shape a person’s thoughts and behavior.

The range, which includes 13 liquid lipsticks, 11 liquid eyeliners and six cream shadows, is designed to match consumers to shades that will help them feel positive.

Each product, which is packaged in a clear glass bottle, retails for $22.95. Ingredients in the line — which is also vegan — include organic jojoba oil, almond oil, candelilla and rose waxes, a rose petal infusion, cupuacu butter and an herbal remedy called eyebright infusion.

“At any time in our life we could use a bit of emotional support, whether we are taking exams or worrying about our first date, to just getting through our day,” said Rowena Bird, beauty director, international coordinator and co-founder of Lush. “It’s a great help with an added bonus of being in the form of makeup.”

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The collection’s 30 hues will be displayed on a wooden wheel in each of Lush’s 835 stores (across 50 countries), meant to provide consumers with a customized mood reading.

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After giving the wheel a spin, shoppers are to pick the three colors that they are most drawn to in the moment. The selected shades (tagged with words like Confident, Take Control and Glamorous) are placed in the center of the wheel and respectively symbolize a person’s strength or weakness, her subconscious need and talent.

“The concept matches psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should be wearing at any given time,” said Bird. “It offers a little emotional support to you when you need it. It’s the power of suggestion. If one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behavior.”

Industry sources estimate the collection could generate $8 million to $10 million in its first year at retail.

To identify colors and their corresponding emotional trigger words, Lush collaborated with strategic behavioral therapist Lady Kennedy, who specializes in mind care and trying to change people’s states of mind.

“It is the same as if you have a lucky object or ritual that you always like to carry or perform before an event,” said Bird. “If you carry this object your subconscious believes itself to be lucky, so in turn, you are lucky.”

Bird said because the collection is designed to provide a personal experience with consumers, there will be no in-store makeovers.

“This is a range of emotions that are personal to the wearer and it is up to them to interpret how they should be worn,” said Bird. “We don’t want to project onto customers an idea of how they should look or current trends, this range is about fulfilling needs and offering emotional support.”

To celebrate the launch, Lush released a song and music video in early June (inspired by the range) across all of the brand’s social media forums. Lush also plans to utilize its store windows to advertise the new collection in the weeks before it is set to roll out. Coinciding with the introduction of Emotional Brilliance, four supplemental products will also be unveiled: Lush’s first mascara, Eyes Right, which is formulated with wheatgrass and carnauba wax, a translucent powder and two skin tint pots, said to add a dash of highlight or bronze glow.