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Julep Partners With Lyft

Rideshare service and indie cosmetics brand team up for limited-edition nail polish.

Julep’s out to get a little Lyft this week.

The indie cosmetics brand is teaming up with the Uber competitor on a limited-edition nail polish, which will launch Tuesday at Sephora. The bright-magenta polish, $14, is named Glow after Lyft’s signature hot-pink “glowstache” mustache emblem. (A large percentage of Lyft drivers are women.)

Lyft and Julep will also conduct an intensive social media campaign, using the hashtag #ShareYourGlow, at launch. “The campaign is intended to be a celebration of life’s glowy moments — small moments throughout their day that bring inspiration, happiness and humor to others around them,” said Kate Murphy, a spokeswoman for Julep. “We will ask fans to share those moments on all social platforms with the #ShareYourGlow hashtag.”

The limited-edition polish is also being included in Lyft rides at the Forbes’ Women’s Summit Tuesday, which Lyft is sponsoring.