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Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Introduces ‘Bloss’

Greenberg is focused on formulating easy-to-wear, hybrid products.

Jamie Greenberg has released her second product, “Bloss,” out Wednesday.

The Los Angeles-based makeup artist — who works with the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones, Kristen Stewart and Chelsea Handler — launched the beauty brand in October 2020 with the “Blighlighter,” a blush and highlighter hybrid. The new product is for lips, a hydrating balm that offers a gloss finish.

“I’ve been in this industry for a while now and have really come to appreciate unfussy, multitasking makeup,” Greenberg told WWD. “This formula has been in the works for quite some time.”

“Bloss,” priced at $26, is made with peppermint, shea butter and hyaluronic acid for moisture. It’s available in clear, nude and pink.

“I wanted to make sure it encapsulated everything that I wanted — natural pigment, hydration, wearability,” added Greenberg. “I’m obsessed with it. It’s good for your skin, looks great, and it’s not over the top. I really wanted to create a product that can easily become a daily staple.”

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Just like during her initial launch, Greenberg has had the support of her celebrity clients as she unveils her latest release.

“It’s super glossy, hydrating and natural,” said Jones. “And like Jamie, it’s easy and makes your life better.”

For her part, Cuoco shared: “I love the consistency and the touch of mint is a great pick me up. The packaging makes me smile. It’s not tested on animals, and it was created truly from the heart. If you are a gloss fanatic, this will be a purse staple in no time.”

Greenberg is expected to sell “several thousand units of ‘Bloss’ within the first 90 days,” she said. “Since launching ‘Blighlighter,’ traffic to is in the top two percent of stores that launched the same period on Shopify. Nearly a quarter of sales have originated from social media channels, with over 50 percent of those sale coming from Instagram…Our roadmap has several additional products coming into the market by Q1 of 2023.”