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Mally Beauty Teams Up With Disney for Frozen Limited-Edition Collection

More than a novelty, the Frozen capsules are wearable, full-face assortments exclusively launching on QVC.

To say Mally Roncal is a fan of Disney, especially “Frozen,” is an understatement. Needless to say, the beauty entrepreneur and mother of three young girls knows the plot by heart.

Presented with the opportunity to team with Disney for licensed beauty collections, “Frozen” was a logical choice. “I’m still pinching myself. It is a dream come true and once I peeled myself off the floor, I knew we could make it [the collection] about female empowerment,” said Roncal. She will launch the Mally Beauty for Disney’s “Frozen” next month exclusively on QVC.

There are two versions of the limited-edition collections based on the sisters from the blockbuster hit — the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Packaged in ice castles, the assortment includes a range of highly pigmented eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses and blushes and will retail for $49.96.

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Industry sources estimate the “Frozen” beauty items could fetch at least $20 million in sales.

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Roncal said she created the ensemble to be more than a novelty. “You get a full face and something you can use every single day whether you are 16 or 116,” said Roncal, adding Mally Beauty has a multigenerational following. “I meet young women who say their moms use Mally, too.”

Beauty collections tied to theatrical releases are expanding, especially those that are limited offerings rather than long-term licenses. Last month, Cargo Cosmetics, which shares a parent with Mally Beauty, revealed a licensing deal with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

“We’ve been looking forward to launching these two dynamic, personality-filled capsule collections” said Brian Robinson, president of Mally Beauty. “This collaboration with Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has given our team the opportunity to really showcase our creativity.”

Mally Beauty Hopes to Heat Things
Roncal was able to interpret the personalities of the main characters in different assortments.

The different personalities of the main characters, Elsa and Anna, afford Roncal the chance to use an array of hues. Elsa’s collection is regal with plums and pinks, while Anna’s palette is underscored by warm tones. “It is a makeup artist’s dream come true, I don’t need to choose one thing,” Roncal told WWD.

The “Frozen” phenomenon isn’t expected to thaw out anytime soon. “Frozen” is heading to Broadway in the spring and a short holiday film, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” premieres Nov. 22 tagged on to Pixar’s Coco. A sequel is on the works for 2019. Mally Beauty will employ social media to build awareness for the beauty launch.

Known for her authentic and relatable onscreen presence, Roncal expects she’ll get emotional about “Frozen.” “On the Anna box, there is a screenshot of when she knocks on her sister’s door and asks if she wants to build a snowman. I’ll most likely be crying when I present it on QVC.”

Roncal, who spent 15 years on the road as a celebrity makeup artist, founded Mally Beauty in 2005. Her first outing on QVC sold out within 40 minutes. Her company was acquired by Beauty Visions, an affiliate of TPR, in 2015.