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Mally Beauty Goes to Mallywood

After expanding distribution to 1,100 Kohl’s doors late last year, the brand is launching an exclusive collection at Ulta Beauty.

Mally Beauty is going back to its roots.

The color cosmetics brand has been a staple on QVC since it launched in 2005 thanks to founder Mally Roncal’s career as a celebrity makeup artist, exuberant personality and consistent presence on the shopping network. The brand now plans to take the success it has had on QVC and translate that to a bricks-and-mortar setting with a limited-edition collection, called Mallywood, that encapsulates Roncal’s personality.

“The brand has to be married as closely as possible to [Roncal’s] personality and I think at times that hasn’t been the case,” said Brian Robinson, president and managing partner of TPR Holdings, which acquired Mally Beauty in 2015. “Starting with the Mallywood collection, we’re going to be tying in [Roncal’s] DNA and the personality that makes her successful on QVC.”

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The Mallywood collection, which is exclusive to Ulta Beauty, consists of nine color cosmetics with names like “Smoky Mama! Mascara” and “Wazza Wassup! Ombré Highlighting Trio” and comes in hot pink and glitter packaging. The names and packaging are meant to translate the persona that Roncal has on QVC to an in-store setting.

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“At the store level, I’m not able to speak to every single customer,” Roncal said. “I sat down with my team and we dreamt up ways to make this collection a reflection of my personality. We wanted it to be fun and sassy.”

While the brand has been available at Ulta Beauty since 2013, the exclusive collection is meant to further Mally Beauty’s bricks-and-mortar expansion. The brand has been actively pursuing distribution in the past few months, having just launched at 1,100 Kohl’s doors in November.

“My vision for Mally Beauty is to crystallize her energy and creativity and bring it to the customer,” Robinson continued. “This is not only through [QVC], but online and bricks-and-mortar. We want the products to speak for themselves.”

The brand is also looking to expand into television shopping networks in other continents, mainly in Asia. Throughout the distribution plans, QVC will still remain one of the brand’s main channels.

The Mally Beauty Mallywood collection ranges in price from $18 to $32. It will be available at the end of April at Ulta Beauty.

According to industry sources, the brand is on track to earn $50 million in net shipments in 2018.