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NCLA and CutePolish Bedazzle Holiday Nails

The nail-products brand and digital nail-art destination have together created six glitter-filled polishes.

Shine is in the forecast for this holiday season. At least that’s the beauty prognostication from CutePolish and NCLA.

The digital destination and the nail products purveyor have joined forces on a collection of six glittery polishes ideal for women working the holiday party circuit this winter. Priced at $12 each, the polishes are headed to Target’s web site later this month.

“At first, we went in a different direction, and we were doing cream lacquers. After thinking about it and swatching the colors, I said, ‘I’d like to do something more unique and custom,’ and that’s how we came about doing the glitters,” explained CutePolish creator Sandi Ball. “I love to glam up my nails with sparkle and this collection is absolutely perfect for that. We pretty much cover every glitter nail polish you would want.”

The collection harnesses NCLA’s ability to develop glitter in many forms. “People don’t realize it, but there is round glitter and hexagon glitter, and there is medium and large glitter,” said NCLA founder Elin Dannerstedt. “When we make glitters, we can make them superunique. We customize everything in terms of the glitter we put in the polishes, and that makes them different from what’s on the market.”

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Ball’s and Dannerstedt’s favorite shade in the duo’s holiday collection, the pink Having a Polish Blast, is packed with star-shaped glitter. “We’ve never had star glitter in a polish, so I’m excited for that one,” said Dannerstedt. Added Ball, “As a Nineties girl, it’s a really nostalgic and fun shade for me.”

Although glitter is the star of the collection’s polishes, NCLA and CutePolish made sure color didn’t get snubbed. In some of the polishes, notably the vivid green Gamer Girl, the tint is pumped up in the bases of the polishes to distinguish them from customary glitter polishes using translucent bases. Rounding out the collection is the deep red Nail Vlogger, gleaming silver Crystal Ball, intense blue I’ll Seeya Next Time and dense gold Face Reveal.

NCLA has struck several collaborations, including with Beyoncé, Hello Kitty, Alice + Olivia and Aspyn Ovard, but it’s never partnered with a digitally driven nail artist before. Amy Neben of Select Management Group brokered the deal, which is Ball’s inaugural foray into the brand collaboration frenzy. Generally, makeup brands have been bigger movers in the influencer collaboration field than nail products brands. However, nail players haven’t been absent. Sephora’s Formula X has associated with the likes of Huda Beauty, Patrick Starrr and Emily Schuman; Barielle linked with Michelle Mismas of the blog All Lacquered Up, and Nails Inc. has teamed up with Lottie Tomlinson.

“We found out about Sandi a few years back when we were doing research into the best nail artists right now that had a large social-media following. What drew us to her was not only did she have a large following, but it was almost like a cult following. People really like to follow her,” said Dannerstedt. “Her designs are sweet, nice and innocent, and everything looks superclean and fun.” CutePolish has garnered 2.9 million subscribers and 388 million views on its YouTube channel.

Ball started CutePolish on YouTube in 2010 and, when a newspaper nail art video went viral a year later, she knew she had something huge on her hands. (The newspaper nail look has been viewed over 23 million times.) She dropped a plan to become a schoolteacher and focused on CutePolish full time, even this year roping in four other nail artists to provide content for eager nail art enthusiasts.

“I’m still a teacher, I just teach nail art to millions of girls all over the world,” said Ball, elaborating that her fans are primarily girls and women from 8 years old to 35 years old with the most substantial swath of her audience in the 13- to 17-year-old age range. She said, “I always want CutePolish to be a family-friendly brand. It’s important to me that people of all ages enjoy it.”

For the young demographic, NCLA and CutePolish sought to make their polishes as affordable as possible. They are $4 to $6 less than NCLA’s existing lacquers. Ball will showcase the polishes on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Ball said, “Nails are a blank canvas and, every week, I have a new idea for what design to paint on them.”