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NYX Professional Makeup Launches NFT Passes for GORJS

The L’Oréal subsidiary has been active in the metaverse.

NYX Professional Makeup is launching “FKWME,” a limited collection of NFT passes with benefits for GORJS’s first 1,000 members.

The pre-sale (known as pre-mint in the NFT world) will be available on Jan. 31, with the full NFT drop coming Feb. 1 on GORJS — a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) dedicated to beauty.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, GORJS aims to help foster the work of 3D artists, democratizing access while promoting growth and innovation in beauty in the metaverse. Its advisory team currently includes Amber Ward, Sebastian Borget, Brian Trunzo, Timmu Toke, Evelyn Mora and Ashley Smith, said the brand.

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Digital artwork created by a GORJS community member. Courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup

“GORJS fosters the idea that creative expression should not be limited to a select group of stakeholders and establishes a digital foundation for global creators and artists who can participate in the DAO,” Yann Joffredo, global brand president at NYX Professional Makeup, told WWD.

“GORJS allows the community to decide which creative projects are ultimately chosen to be funded and publicly released,” Joffredo continued. “The unique idea behind GORJS is not only to empower the community through a tokenization mechanism that enables fans, established artists and those still rising in their craft to influence the direction of the organization, but also, enable members to define the future of beauty and lead the cultural conversation around what digital makeup artistry can be in Web3, and one day, in the metaverse.”