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Pat McGrath Launches Outer Space-Inspired Eye Kits

McGrath's Dark Star 006will be launched April 11 at noon.

This is no ordinary black.

At least according to makeup artist Pat McGrath, who unveiled Dark Star 006, her latest launch from Pat McGrath Labs on Tuesday.

“Let’s start with the black,” McGrath said. “Obviously not an ordinary black — this is the black shadow that I’ve developed that has a beautiful shimmer.” The shimmer isn’t exclusive to the black shadow, it runs through the full Dark Star 006 line, down to the signature sequin-filled packaging. Even the eye gloss, which appears holographic, has tiny, multicolored, shimmering flecks in it.

“There’s a super black eye — we talk about it all the time — the Instagram eye, ultra-black, can’t photograph it, can’t use it editorially, and I was saying to myself, ‘actually in real life, you approach a black eye more the way you would do it on set,’ which is where it’s different dimensions,” McGrath said.

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Pat McGrath Launches Outer Space-Inspired Eye Kits
Dark Star 006 bag

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“Whenever you see smoky eyes today it’s just contour, contour, shape, shape, it’s kind of not the way a girl wants to look,” McGrath said. “It’s a different kind of smoky eye, it’s a lived in smoky eye, that’s what this kit is about. About playing, and all the years backstage I’ve ever done the smoky eye it has a hint of brown — and not that many people tell you that it’s gold, and that it’s forgiving, and it’s beautiful and it’s velvety.”

Dark Star 006 comes in three versions— UltraViolet Blue, UltraSuede Brown and Dark Matter. Each lineup comes with multiple products: UltraViolet Blue, Brown or Dark Matter pigment, Astral White pigment, Mercury pigment, Cyber Clear Eye Gloss, Black SmudgeLiner Eye Kohl and a Blender Brush. The UltraViolet Blue and UltraSuede Brown collections also come with Dark Matter pigment, and will sell for $130. The Dark Matter collection will cost $95.

McGrath’s launches have a history of making their way to Sephora, but at this point, Dark Star 006 will be exclusive to her website, McGrath said. The kits launch April 11 at noon and will be available in limited quantities, she said.

McGrath has been teasing the launch on her Instagram account for weeks.

McGrath is best known for her makeup artistry, and has been a staple of the editorial and fashion week scenes for decades. Her products, sold through and frequently through Sephora, have a history of selling out. For fall, McGrath debuted Metalmorphosis 005, an extension of her first product — Gold 001. She’s also launched highlighters (Skin Fetish 003) and glitter lip collections (Lust 004).