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Pixi Beauty Opens Store in L.A.’s Venice Neighborhood

The store is Pixi Beauty's first the U.S. and second worldwide.

Pixi Beauty has opened a second store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Los Angeles some 18 years after making its retail debut in London.

Not far away from the brand’s headquarters in Century City, Calif., the new location is the only brick-and-mortar venue American beauty shoppers can purchase Pixi products outside of Target. The store puts the brand at the heart of a burgeoning thoroughfare for beauty in the L.A. neighborhood of Venice, where Hourglass, Aesop, Le Labo, Caudalie and Strange Invisible Perfumes have also settled.

“We are looking at the next iteration of the Pixi story, and having a home in the U.S. where people can be fully immersed in the Pixi experience is very important,” said Felix Strand, vice president of digital and brand strategy, and the son of Pixi founder Petra Strand, adding, “Petra has loved Venice for many years, and it’s very up-and-coming in the beauty world. There are a lot of beauty shops opening in the area, so I think it’s becoming a strong beauty destination.”

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The store, which is roughly three times the size of Pixi’s location on Carnaby Street in London, is a showcase for Pixi’s growing assortment that’s continuing to push from makeup into skin care. In 2015, the brand initially entered the skin-care category in the U.S. with its popular Glow Tonic product and broadened its domestic skin-care selection a year later by introducing items in line SkinTreats. Among Pixi’s latest releases are the lip stain and gloss GelTint and SilkGloss for $12, brightening booster Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask for $24, and resurfacing concentrate Peel & Polish for $24.

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“The skin care has gone very well,” Strand said. “Our color cosmetics always had a treatment element, so the Pixi customer expected that we were going to go into the skin-care area. Once we finally did, it was very, very well-received.” Pixi’s SkinTreats collection of skin-care products includes Glow Mud Cleanser, Hydrating Milky Serum, Rose Oil Blend and Glow Peel Pads.

Petra Strand has a passion for interior design that’s she’s channeled into her houses, and the store gave her another creative outlet for that passion. Designed with the brand’s in-house team, it speaks to her shabby chic aesthetic, and features dark wood flooring, exposed ceilings, and white walls and displays. Antiques Strand has collected throughout her life infuse the space with personal touches. “It’s an extension of her home,” said Felix Strand.

In the age of e-commerce when shoppers can by almost anything in a few clicks, Strand stressed events are going to be important attractions for the store. “We need to create an environment that warrants the customer coming in and that they get value from,” he said. To handle events and various activities, Pixi has prioritized flexibility in the design of its Venice location. “We want to keep it fresh and moving,” emphasized Strand.

At the moment, Strand remarked Pixi has no plans to expand its stores beyond two locations. But Strand didn’t rule out revisiting those plans should the Venice store be highly productive. “We are not scared of trying new things,” Strand said. “If something really takes off, there is no reason why we won’t talk about different possibilities.”