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Rimmel Hosts Beauty Vlogging Contest With Rita Ora

Her latest collection with the brand launched this month.

LONDONRita Ora was busy last year as a judge and mentor to emerging musical artists on Britain’s “X-Factor” show. This year, the songstress is turning her attention to a crop of new talent in the form of young vloggers in the beauty world. The beauty brand Rimmel hosted a “The London Look International Contest With Rita Ora” where the brand ambassador helped with the selection process. Ora’s latest collection with the brand is due out this summer.

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More than 12,000 entries were received by the brand, which had reached out to makeup artists, bloggers and vloggers worldwide, who had submitted a video or image of their take on a “London Look.” Sixteen people were chosen from various parts of the globe and the winners were flown to London to meet Ora and film a beauty tutorial in the YouTube studios in Soho. They also received makeup advice from Rimmel makeup artist Kirstin Piggott and manicurist Adam Slee.

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During the makeup session with Piggott and Slee, Ora modeled the “South London look” and noted that the British capital was her favorite city. In terms of a beauty look that makes her feel most confident, the songstress said it is coverage and eyebrows. “For me it would be the coverage — the circle around the eyes, the blemishes,” said Ora. “Everyone has something that they don’t like. I’m very big on the eyebrows and I have to make sure that they’re sharp and clean and precise.”

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Winners included Cynthia Dulude; Laura Cabezas of Lodoesmakeup; Samantha Franchi; Aisling Murray; Ashleigh Maree Quinn of ozproductjunkie; Karolina Adrianna Wojcik of Viva-a-viva; Mila Bulatova; Lisa Fortuin; Florencia Pereira; Sarah Hilal; Nani Karoliina; Selma Çiçekdal of ojeler for a; Blanca Herrero Beas of Blanca GentlemenPink; Rosanna Pierce; Adina Vlad, and Sarah Rocksdale.

“We were looking for attitude, energy and boldness,” Rimmel global marketing vice president Montserrat Passolas said of the winners chosen. “We wanted to see how the London look translated around the world. What’s the Argentinian or the American interpretation of the look and on the line the boldness, the attitude, the edginess. And how they can communicate that to the viewers.”

Passolas called vlogging a “21st-century phenomenon” and said peer-to-peer recommendation is invaluable to a brand such as Rimmel. “Some 85 percent  of U.K. beauty tutorials happen on YouTube. It’s phenomenal. For us this is extremely important because at Rimmel London, we used to get inspiration from the streets of London. And now it’s from the “streets” of YouTube. Bringing that diversity in an instant.” She added that 65 percent of people who declared to have bought a product have been influenced by a vlogger. “As brands, we appreciate the importance of vlogging, hence what we’re doing today — the first Rimmel London blogger summit in the world — we appreciate the importance of collaborating. Authentically, we don’t want to force. It has to be authentic and transparent.”

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