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RMS Beauty Launching Powder Eye Shadows, Starts Selling at

The non-toxic beauty brand founded by Rose Marie Swift is also expanding with Bluemercury and

Nontoxic coconut-oil-based beauty company RMS Beauty is building out its product line and launching 18 new powder eye shadows this September.

Those shades will be followed by lipsticks “in a tube,” said RMS founder Rose-Marie Swift, which will likely debut in early 2017. The new products follow the line’s rollout onto — a first for the brand. “So far, it’s going so good that we’re surprised, and Sephora is surprised,” Swift said.

That success follows Swift’s initial hesitation about launching with the specialty beauty giant because they are not known for their green beauty brands, she said. “But so far so good — so far, really good,” Swift said. recently started stocking seven RMS products — Un Cover-Up, Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes, Buriti Bronzer, Beauty Oil, Master Mixer, Skin2Skin Foundation Brush and Living Luminizer. With the additional distribution through, plus an expanded partnership with Bluemercury and launch at and Murale in Canada, RMS is looking at sales growth of about 100 percent for fiscal 2016, according to industry sources. Historically, the business has grown between 60 and 80 percent per year. The brand is also sold in Credo, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, ABC Carpet & Home and other stores.

Swift came up through the makeup artist world, doing the faces of models, including Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr, with whom she currently has custody of a 10-year-old celebrity Yorkie named Frankie. At one point she became ill because of all the chemicals she was around as part of the beauty industry, she said. Having always been into healthy eating, she decided to translate that into a beauty line, she said. “I just ended up going from the raw salad to the raw makeup,” Swift said.

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RMS just expanded its product line to included new shades of Un-Cover Up, plus Lip2Cheek color Spell, a modern nude dusty rose; lip shine in Content, a classic berry red, and a new Contour Bronze product that combines bronzer with contour. “Color-wise, bronzers don’t work well as a contour, so I combined the two,” Swift said in a statement.

At 61, Swift owns 100 percent of the business and plans to run it “until her dying day,” she said. And while investors have approached her, she is hesitant to let someone else take control of the company. “We don’t need one,” Swift said. “If I did get one, they would have to be on the same mental level and environmentally savvy.”