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Jeanne Damas Rebrands and Relaunches Rouje Beauty Line

The collection will be renamed Les Filles en Rouje, starting with the launch of its first face palette on May 8.

PARIS — French fashion brand Rouje is rebranding and relaunching its beauty offering as it prepares to expand into skin care.

The Rouje Beauté line, launched in 2018 and consisting mostly of lipsticks inspired by founder Jeanne Damas’ trademark red pout, will be renamed Les Filles en Rouje, starting with the introduction of its first face palette on May 8. It plans to gradually expand into other color cosmetics categories through 2023.

“I wanted to separate them and launch a new site and a new identity, because I want to give [the beauty collection] more space,” Damas said at a launch event, held in her new office at the Rouje headquarters in Paris. “At Rouje, lipstick was originally designed as an accessory, like a bag or shoes. Now we want to develop a full range of makeup.”

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The name of the line loosely translates as Girls in Red, though Damas has customized the French word for the color, “rouge,” with her own initial.

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“It was an expression we used internally to talk about people who follow the brand,” she said. “Initially, I was afraid that it might be a bit long for a brand name, but in the end, I thought it worked because it opens up a whole world of possibilities — the ‘girls’ are not just me, it’s everyone.”

A campaign image for Les Filles en Rouje's face palette.
A campaign image for Les Filles en Rouje’s face palette. Courtesy of Les Filles en Rouje.

She’s keen to point out there’s nothing girly about the range itself, which comes in brightly colored packaging with a graphic new logo. “The brand may be called Les Filles en Rouje, but in fact, it’s for all generations,” she said. “This makeup is designed to reveal your natural beauty and allows you to be playful.”

Nonetheless, Damas — who rose to fame as a teenager as the embodiment of French Girl Style — remains the principal muse for the collection and its retro-style packaging. For her debut complexion offer, housed in a tortoiseshell-patterned compact, she wanted something light with creamy formulations.

Priced at 49 euros, the palette contains three shades of highlighter, containing cocoa butter and jojoba, and three blush colors, enriched with castor oil, designed to work with different skin tones. “I never use foundation, but I like to wear a little light and color,” she explained. “It’s not designed to hide the skin.”

Les Filles en Rouje's first face palette.
Les Filles en Rouje’s first face palette.

In September, the 30-year-old plans to release a full skin care line.

“During confinement, there was not much opportunity to wear makeup, apart for oneself. Skin care took on a more important place in our lives. That got me interested in launching my own line,” she said. “I’ve always used only 100 percent natural products, so I really wanted to create it with natural ingredients.”

While she plans to launch the collection with glass packaging designed to be displayed on bathroom shelves, she wants to introduce refillable formats later down the line.

Damas hopes to open a separate beauty boutique near her office and store on Rue Bachaumont, if a space opens up. “I’d like to have another store just for beauty, to offer a different experience, because the two can coexist, but they can also speak to two different customers,” she said.


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