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Sally Hansen Creates Life Proof Campaign to Validate Miracle Gel’s Staying Power

Content was inspired by real-life stories women have shared about the staying power of Miracle Gel.

Sally Hansen Taps Influencers to Prove
An image from the New Miracle Gel campaign.

Sally Hansen is launching a new global campaign behind Miracle Gel designed to provide validation of the brand’s staying power.

Called Life Proof, the digital and print message is designed to show how the no-light gel system is more chip-resistant than regular nail polish.

The content was inspired by real-life stories women have shared about the staying power of Miracle Gel. It is being brought to life through nail and lifestyle influencers whom Sally Hansen asked to create content using their own perspective. They were also asked to offer best practices for achieving long-wear color.

“Sally Hansen always listens closely to our consumers and their feedback often inspires our innovation and communication plan — this time their feedback inspired us to create the Miracle Gel Life-Proof campaign,” explained Jeremy Lowenstein, global vice president for Sally Hansen. He added the campaign speaks to consumers in a personal manner.

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Life Proof features everyday activities that might be tough on other manicures such as travel, sports, clicking computer keys or digging into bags for keys. But Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, which is said to provide up to 14 days of color and shine, stands up to the actions.

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Additionally, the global influencer campaign presents a new way to capture nail tutorials. Rather than shooting in a traditional format, Sally Hansen partnered with 25 nail influencers to shoot Miracle Gel nail how-to’s with Go-Pros attached to their head. Viewers will see the tutorial from this more natural perspective to be able to pick up the influencer techniques, which they can test at home.

The videos tout a challenge for non-beauty influencers to paint their own nails using the techniques in the tutorials. From there, they can use #SallyHansen #MiracleGel to provide further evidence that Miracle Gel stands up to life-proof challenges.

Although Miracle Gel was the biggest launch since introductions were tracked in mass-market doors (the brand hit $120 million in 18 months), the nail lacquer business is still stuck in the red. Retailers hope campaigns such as Life Proof can reawaken nail color sales, which were down 15 percent for the 52-weeks tracked by IRI and ended May 14, 2017 in multiunit doors.