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Sally Hansen Launching Mani Match App

Sally Hansen launches a virtual try-on manicure app.

Lately, virtual try-on makeup apps are a dime a dozen and Sally Hansen is looking to capitalize on the trend for nails. Dubbed Mani Match, the free mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iPhone, will allow users to try on more than 200 Sally Hansen nail polish shades in real time beginning in July.

“When you look at a market like the U.S., the consumer can’t try on at shelf,” said Kristen D’Arcy, vice president of global digital at Coty Inc. “This will make her life easier.”

Users can also try on a variety of nail art looks from Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador, Madeline Poole, purchase product, share looks with friends and have their skin tone analyzed for shade recommendations. According to D’Arcy, the technology has a photo realistic nail color and texture simulation.

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“What’s important is that we don’t launch and leave this app,” D’Arcy noted. “When you think about value exchange, you had fun playing with it, but if it’s the same experience for the next year, you won’t come back. What’s planned is almost every month, not only upgrades, but additional content will be added to the app.”

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The Coty-owned brand will promote Mani Match via TV, social media and print.

“We’ll also promote it in store,” said Jeremy Lowenstein, vice president of global marketing at Sally Hansen. “Everything will be tagged with the app icon to try it live. It will speak to every generation depending on their need.”

Meanwhile, the company is launching two new Miracle Gel collections in July called Boho Chic and Tribal Vibe. At the same time, it will unveil a new and improved Miracle Gel Top Coat that is said to deliver two times more volume and high-gloss shine.

“It’s a new time for us,” declared Lowenstein. “With the launch of Miracle Gel’s new top coat and the intro of Mani Match at the same time, we’re really engaging her in a way that she will continuously come back to us and trust as a brand.

D’Arcy added, “We’re truly changing the way she shops and making it easier and personalized for her.”