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Sally Hansen Plots a Colorful 2010

Sally Hansen aims to paint the town red, blue and 40 additional colors in 2010.

Sally Hansen aims to paint the town red, blue and 40 additional colors in 2010.

The Coty Inc.-owned nail care brand forecasts the upcoming Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure will prove its biggest nail lacquer launch to date.

Sally Hansen — which, along with the entire Del Cosmetics portfolio, was acquired by Coty in late 2007 — has grown every year for the last decade. It is now contributing to its parent company’s color business, which also includes Rimmel and N.Y.C. New York Color. Coty chief executive officer Bernd Beetz said of Sally Hansen, “The brand has already contributed to the expansion of Coty’s color pillar, which has grown to 22 percent” of the business. Coty’s acquisition of the Del Cosmetics brands increased its color business to 20 from 15 percent.

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At a time when two of the most notable salon brands have made inroads in the mass market, namely OPI and Essie, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure aims to combine five benefits of a professional manicure — namely the base coat, growth treatment, strengthener, color and top coat — into one formula. Its patented Vita-Care formula is designed to deliver high shine over the course of 10 days.

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“The shine is self-renewing,” said Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of cosmetics marketing. Complete Salon Manicure also aims to take advantage of consumers’ interest in replacing salon visits with at-home alternatives.

Boraczek said, “Shoppers went from conspicuous spending to conservative spending, and that’s not going to change dramatically. Sally Hansen has grown in recessions and booms.”

The company expects Complete Salon Manicure to reap $30 million in first-year retail sales, surpassing Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color, which is expected to end its first year with $25 million in retail sales. The introduction of Insta-Dri earlier this year continues to drive Sally Hansen sales, which have gained more than 35 percent year to date, according to the company. Sally Hansen’s dollar share rose 7.8 points to 49.4 percent share of mass market nail color.

Sally Hansen will support Complete Salon Manicure, a range of 42 shades available for $6.99 each, with print ads breaking in March books and on a micro Web site.

Other products on deck for 2010 include new colors across its nail lacquer franchises, including eight metallic shades for Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Pen, ranging from Green Chrome to Gold for $7.95 each; spring hues of Insta-Dri nail polish for $4.95 each; Xtreme Wear spring shades, like Pink Boca and Wet Cement, for $2.95 each, and new colors of Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color, including 24 Karat and Pink Proposal, for $4.75 each.

The brand also is adding four treatment formulas with Vita-Release Technology, such as Continuous Treatment Time-Released Hardening Formula, for $8.99 each. “They offer a consistent wave of care,” said Annette Devita, vice president Sally Hansen Marketing Group.

Sally Hansen had adopted adhesive polymer strip technology to deliver treatment to nails. The “instant manicure” product, called 14 Day Nail Shield, consists of pretreated, sheer color strips that bond to nails. Nail Shield, available in three sheer shades for $6.99 each, is designed to help nails grow longer and impart shine.

Boraczek acknowledged retailers’ moves to trim vendors’ numbers of stockkeeping units, noting they have asked brands to cut anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of sku’s. “Sally Hansen has less sku’s per store, but we haven’t lost [display] space,” said Boraczek.

The brand has presented a revamped 8-foot planogram display, placing nail color — organized horizontally — front and center, as it’s an impulse category, followed by treatments, and then beauty tools and artificial nails, both considered destination categories.