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Salma Hayek Extends Nuance Line Into Nails

It was her five-year-old daughter Valentina who inspired the Mexican-American beauty to expand into the category.

It was Salma Hayek’s five-year-old daughter Valentina who inspired the Mexican-American beauty to take her CVS-exclusive skin-, body-, hair-care and cosmetics line, Nuance, into the nail category.

“She’s obsessed with nails and nail colors,” said Hayek of Valentina, who favors a rainbow of shades on each hand. “I wanted to get [the formula] so it wasn’t very toxic and so you can put it on your children.”

Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer, which will begin rolling out to CVS locations and on Nov. 19, is available in 30 shades, from the blush-hued Bare Kiss to inky Black Dahlia. Each is $5.99. The range is expected to be in 1900 doors by first quarter of 2013, with plans to expand into more in the future.

“It’s a lot of hip new colors, some are young and happy and there are also really sophisticated classic ones,” said Hayek. “It’s a little bit for everyone.”

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The line also includes a protective base coat, formulated with bamboo extract, and a chip-resistant top coat. “We use a lot of great ingredients in the line, like borage seed oil and vitamins, so you are getting the color in a natural way,” said Hayek. “You are getting some nurturing for your nails.” Although the brand declined to break out figures, industry sources estimate the collection could generate between $6 million and $8 million in its first year at retail in the U.S.

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When asked who was her target demographic for the new line, which will be featured in 900 CVS “Nail HQ” displays that highlight a selection of brands, Hayek replied, “I see the nail polishes as for everyone. Women are women and we are all beautiful at every age. Some of the biggest challenges in beauty come not just when you are older, but when you are young and defining who you are and understanding how you look at yourself in a mirror. It’s a process because you are changing every day.”

Looking to the future, Hayek said at the end of the day, Nuance “is about beauty, it’s about women. I would like to continue to expand to other aspects of women’s health.” She added that she is looking to expand into things that “are not your typical categories.”

For one, Hayek said she is looking to launch a BB cream “with a little something extra in it” and an adult acne line, which would also have antiaging properties.

“It’s all about women’s needs and trying to come at them in a different way,” said Hayek, who calls her line “ever expanding. I wanted to partner with CVS because they allowed me to be involved in [product] research and because I could [create things] for all women.”

Hayek said some favorites in her collection include Renewed Radiance SPF 30 Moisturizing Day Cream and Correcting Spot Treatment. “It is the best I’ve ever found, ever,” Hayek said about the treatment, adding, “It also has brightening, so as it is healing the blemish, it is beginning to take care of the mark it leaves behind. Regarding Nuance,which launched in August, 2011, Hayek is buoyant. “This is my baby, I’m so in love with it,”she said. “It was definitely [more than a] nine-month pregnancy, but I’m so proud of the products. I have used them and I have noticed a difference in my skin.”

According to CVS executives, the line has been a hit at the chain as well.

“In a little over a year since launch, Nuance Salma Hayek has continued to exceed our expectations,” said Grant Pill, vice president of merchandising of store brands for CVS, adding that the range is a “customer favorite. With nail care sales at CVS seeing 40 percent growth since 2011, we also felt it was the right time to launch Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer in order to bring Salma’s vision for the category to our customers with a collection that incorporates vitamins and minerals into the formulation.”

In her life outside the beauty industry, Hayek, who is based full-time in Paris, has just wrapped “Grown Ups 2” with Adam Sandler and Taylor Lautner and is now taking some time off for philanthropy work.

When it comes to her own beauty routine, Hayek’s secrets are surprisingly simple: take off your makeup at night, drink water and remember, “it’s very important to incorporate good fats in your diet,” she said.