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Sephora Targets Millennials, Gen Z With Lip-Balm Launch

Taste Beauty has crafted Felicia the Flamingo for the specialty beauty chain, based off the “bye Felicia” meme.

Felicia the Flamingo is flocking to Sephora.

Taste Beauty crafted the product — a strawberry scented and flavored lip balm housed in a flamingo-shaped package — to attract the attention of the Millennial and Gen Z customer, according to Alex Fogelson, managing partner of Taste Beauty. Felicia comes in a mini beach bag, and will sell for $10 at Sephora U.S. and Canada locations starting April 28, Fogelson said.

“They approached us to collaborate in a really fun, pop-culture-inspired fun and young item,” Fogelson said. The end product was inspired by the “bye Felicia” meme that has taken over social media.

“It has a lot of potential to reach consumers via social media,” Fogelson said of the product. The launch is supported by digital marketing campaigns, including a Snapchat geofilter that will be available at certain Sephora locations. Taste is also doing a “treasure hunt” to find Felicia in various locations, Fogelson noted.

New York-based Taste Beauty specializes in making 3-D printed packaging and beauty products targeted at young consumers. The business launched a line of products exclusively at Claire’s stores in 2016, and generally focused on scented nail polish and lip balms.

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Taste partners with brands — like Tootsie Roll Industries, Nestlé and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — to come up with products. To create the themed packaging for the balms and polishes, the business uses 3-D printing to bring products to market quickly.

“The 3-D printing has cut down our mold time by probably more than half, just because we’re able to see it so much faster than we were in the past,” said Sabrina Vertucci when the company launched products at Claire’s. “It’s definitely helped us speak to market and bring all these great components to market faster.”