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Sleek Makeup Takes on Makeup Shamers

The Internet has given birth to bold makeup trends but also invited shamers. A new Sleek Makeup campaign seeks to silence the bullying.

Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Sleek Makeup is tackling the subject of makeup shaming with a campaign called “My face. My rules.” The message is told through the campaign’s video featuring a diverse group of Sleep Makeup users sporting their bold personal styles.

According to a survey conducted by Poshly, in conjunction with Sleek Makeup, one in three makeup enthusiasts have felt judged for makeup they wear. Instead of models, the video stars real Sleek Makeup fans culled from a social media casting call that attracted 3,000 applications.

Sleek Makeup is among the brands taking to social campaigns to bring awareness to issues impacting beauty. Other efforts include Coty’s Covergirl campaign centered on the New York subway’s discouragement of applying makeup in public or Sundial’s #Breakthewalls to bring attention to the need for inclusive merchandising of products.

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Sleek Makeup Wants to Silence the Shamers
An image from Sleek Makeup’s campaign.

An earlier activation from Sleek Makeup called The GlowDown resulted in close to 470,000 video views and more than 20,000 engagements. “We also established new fans of the brand, welcoming roughly 6,000 Instagram followers to our newly launched U.S. platform through this activation,” said Mina Kim, senior marketing director of cosmetics at Walgreens Boots Alliance.

The brand, known for its broad shade ranges products with strong pigmentation debuted in the U.S. in June online with Ulta Beauty. It is now sold in select Ulta Beauty and Walgreens doors, as well as online at both retailers. Two weeks ago, added the brand with plans to extend to select physical Target doors in the next few months. Industry sources believe the brand, already a contender in the U.K., could expand to $90 million in the U.S. as it gains more doors.

“As a brand, we’re constantly thinking about how we can support our fans and their passion, focusing our efforts on developing platforms that will show our consumers that we know them and are always on their side,” Kim said. Although the Internet and social media have ignited interest in beauty, it has also brought out shamers, she said.

“At Sleek Makeup, we feel that it is vital for makeup lovers to always be celebrated for their ability to use makeup as a tool to express their individuality,” Kim said. “By driving awareness around the support that exists within the beauty community, we hope to combat those that try to bring negativity into a glowing conversation.”

Beyond its exposure on YouTube, Sleek Makeup will partner with a host of beauty influencers to support the conversation.