It was makeup artist Linda Mason who inspired Sonia Kashuk to relocate from Minneapolis to New York to pursue her dream of being a makeup artist.

Now Kashuk is celebrating her mentor with a limited-edition accessories collaboration exclusively for Target featuring Mason’s vivid painterly brush strokes.

“My inspiration was Linda,” said Kashuk. “Spring and summer is about this great sense of color and bringing a bit of brightness as we come through this dreadful winter.”

Mason said of her work, “I like to capture something that has a little personality to it, like there’s a person there.”

In 1981, Kashuk consistently called Mason’s agent to inquire about assisting the renowned makeup artist. One day she called back informing Kashuk to be at Mason’s Soho apartment the next morning.

The rest, well, is history.

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“The work Linda was doing [in the early to mid Eighties] greatly influenced the trend and style of makeup today,” said Kashuk.

“[Kashuk has] a definite style,” added Mason. “It’s not like [she] tried to emulate or copy me. [She] formed [her] own vision.”

Priced from $6.99 for a brush cup to $35.99 for a 10-piece brush set, the collection, which launches in March, only consists of accessories because Kashuk has found that her brand has better success with bold colored tools versus bright color cosmetics.

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