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Ulta Beauty’s Key Brands: L’Oréal Professional

While Ulta Beauty carries hundreds of brands, six have been the backbone in significantly building the business. Here, a closer look.

For L’Oréal Professional, Ulta Beauty has offered success for multiple brands, including hair-care brand Redken and nail line Essie.

“L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division officially started selling Ulta Beauty in 1997, when it was still called Ulta 3,” said Pat Parenty, president of the L’Oréal Professional Products Division. “Our early conversations were very focused on increasing the quality of the salon experience for both the Ulta consumer and the Ulta stylists. Over the years, the strategic partnership has led us to strengthen our mutual efforts in develop- ing new service opportuni- ties, experiment with new merchandising ideas, test and learn on new products and promotions, and improve our training and education programs.”

Parenty noted that his division currently sells 600 stockkeeping units across five brands in Ulta.

“We also support Ulta’s salon professionals with hair-color, texture [styling products] and salon treat- ment products that have over 200 sku’s,” continued Parenty. Retail prices range from $8.50 for an Essie nail enamel to a treatment mask from Pureology for more than $50.

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Parenty believes that it’s been “a shared passion for the salon service providers” that has built the backbone of the business. “We provide them the education and support they need to provide the best possible customer experience and prosper as Ulta salon stylists,” he said.

“Working as a strategic partner, we have shared new ideas, developed and improved our sales, marketing and education programs, shared results so we could learn and adopt best practices, and we took some mutual risks to try new ideas that are in line with current consumer expectations, as well as pushing the envelope to anticipate future consumer desires in beauty. We work closely with Ulta on our national promotion calendar as well as developing specific promotions that are tailored to the Ulta customer profile.”