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Wander Beauty Expands Product Range

Wander Beauty grows its product assortment with exclusives for QVC and

Talk about a successful business model.

Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson and her business partner Divya Gugnani launched their line, Wander Beauty, in April with the On-the-Glow Blush & Highlighter Stick Duo. Sales hit the six-figure mark almost immediately, according to the partners.

“Our brand is about multitasking makeup essentials,” said Gugnani. “That one product [that we launched with] speaks to that positioning. So you can use that stick a million different ways.”

This fall, Wander will look to build on that momentum with the Sept. 8 launch on QVC of its latest skin-care-infused color cosmetics. Produced as a kit exclusively for QVC, the company has created an assortment of four stockkeeping units called the Paris Collection.

“Lindsay Ellingson brings a unique point of view to color cosmetics and the new items in the collection are no exception,” said Ellen Lennon, QVC’s director of beauty merchandising. “In addition to the innovation of the Wander Beauty collection, Lindsay has proven her ability to connect with the customer and engage with them in meaningful ways which has resonated on QVC.”

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Ellingson’s newest products build on that connection. “[Paris] is where I started my career,” she said, “so this was a perfect place to start my first collection.”

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The kit, priced at $55, includes a highlighter, liquid eye shadow, hydrating lip gel and a water-based cheek tint. Each product can be purchased separately on

The company will also unveil an array of new products on its Web site including four shades of liquid eye shadow, $26 each, three shades of a precision tip brow pencil, $21 each, and three shades of gel eyeliner pencil, $22 each.

Additionally, will sell a lipstick duo for $30 and a gel eyeliner trio for $29.98.

As for upcoming collections, Ellingson said, “There’s going to be a collection about once year. It’s not just about cities, but maybe an ingredient I found in a French pharmacy or a makeup trend that I saw backstage in Milan. It can be anything because the last 10 years have really been makeup school for me. I get to translate all that information into these multitasking makeup essentials.”

Meanwhile, Ellingson and Gugnani are building their brand with three retail pillars in mind. The first is TV, since demonstration is such a valuable asset in teaching consumers how to use each product. The second is Wander’s own Web site, where the brand has invested in its on-the-go mantra by creating a seamless shopping experience on a consumer’s mobile device.

“[Our customer is] a mobile shopper so by investing in mobile we’re seeing explosive growth and that’s an area a lot of color cosmetics companies under-invest in,” noted Gugnani.

The final pillar will include brick-and-mortar retail distribution.

“Ultimately, we see the power of digital and how important it is to us,” said Gugnani. “In selecting a retail partner we’re really looking to work with someone who has a strong digital base.”

Although Gugnani wouldn’t talk financials, industry sources estimate that the new items could do $3 million to $5 million in retail sales via QVC and

To promote the collection, the company will continue to leverage social media with how-to’s and Ellingson’s 15-second Instagram videos every Thursday.

“We’re testing a bunch of video content because we believe that in the beauty space, video drives tons of sales conversion,” said Gugnani. “From informal to formal, we’re testing so many different styles to different customers and then optimizing around what is working.”