The company behind Wunderbrow — the best-selling brow product on — is gearing up for rapid expansion.

Wunder2 has been using paid media, including Facebook advertisements, to drive new user acquisition, is rolling out on the Home Shopping Network and planning to leverage its Amazon success to move into U.S. retailers in the near future. The brand launched in October and grew 50-fold the first six months, according to cofounder and president Michael Malinsky. “We definitely see the ability to scale this on a very large basis using a very specific approach to advertising,” Malinsky said.

Wunder2’s brand proposition is that it makes products that work within two minutes. Hero product Wunderbrow is a semipermanent eyebrow product that fills out brows and can stay put for days.

“When we started, the way we told our story and the demonstrations were more about [users aged] 35 to 60,” Malinsky said. “These were women who’ve used makeup all their lives, maybe over plucked their brows because it was trendy at the time, or women who’ve undergone chemotherapy and need a product. As we began introducing more of the younger girls who were looking for that thicker, model-like brows…we’ve been able to adjust our language and messaging a little bit and tap into a younger audience,” Malinsky said. “Our customer is 23 to 60.”

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The company’s latest launch is Wunderkiss, a lip plumping gloss and syringe-like device that starts its U.K. rollout July 18, followed by a U.S. launch in the fall, Malinsky said. The product aims to use collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to circulate blood flow, moisturize and plump lips.

Other products include Wunderbrow D-Fine, a brow liner and gel combination; Wundercleanse, an eyebrow gel remover; Wunderlift, a 60-second wrinkle reducer; Wundertox, a cleansing detox mask; Wunderextensions, a lash extension and volumizing mascara or lash extension stain mascara, Coverproof foundation, and Wunderblend, a sponge.

The Wunderkiss U.K. launch comes with an interactive advertising campaign complete with “kissing booths,” where people can try on the product with the assistance of makeup artists, then take and share photos on social media, according to Malinsky.

Broadly, the company’s advertising strategy relies heavily on social media influencers and vloggers. “If you have a product that they wind up liking, the quality of content you will be back from them is tremendously good,” Malinsky said. “What we’ve decided to do rather than create a marketing approach based on aspirational beauty…is structure our entire advertising campaign around promoting that very honest and real content and feedback and very short-form reviews that seem to engage our potential customers a lot more.”

Wunder2 spends heavily on Facebook ads, sometimes pumping as much as $70,000 in one day, according to Malinsky. Those advertisements seem to have engaged customers, who often post their product questions as comments instead of researching to find the answers. Questions pour in so frequently that Wunder2 has two dedicated teams — one in the U.K. and one in the U.S. — to reply within five minutes, according to Malinsky.

“It establishes a form of trust because they realize there is a real human being that read their message and responded,” Malinsky said. Wunder2 also spends on Instagram advertising and native advertising.

Wunder2’s advertising strategy plays into its decision to sell on, which it has been doing since October. Customers go there “simply because they are the biggest e-commerce web site in the world,” Malinsky said. Unlike some other beauty brands that have voiced concern about selling on Amazon, in part because of discounting, Malinsky said the site has helped Wunder2, where it is ranked number one, two and three in the eyebrow color category, and number two and three in the makeup category.

“People approach Prime Day with the same approach as they approach Black Friday,” Malinsky said. “We were able to tap into tens of thousands of new customers who otherwise would not have discovered our product.” About 25 percent of the brand’s sales come from the site, he said.

Wunder2 also counts Boots in the U.K. as a distributor, and will launch on HSN July 26.

“Rather than your traditional HSN format of a presentation, we are going to be introducing a live collaboration with some of our YouTube vloggers to actually cross the media a little bit,” Malinsky said. “We’re looking to inject something new and cool.”

The brand is also considering expanding into U.S. retail outlets in the near future. “If you told retailers a year, year and a half, ago that you were on Amazon, you’d shot yourself in the foot,” Malinsky said. “But now, they value your success on Amazon.”