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A.N. Other Cuts Costs for Luxury Fragrance

Investing its capital mainly in the products themselves, the brand is able to offer customers luxury quality unisex fragrances for a lower price.

A.N. Other wants to disrupt the fragrance industry.

Using a business model similar to that of Warby Parker, the unisex fragrance brand forgoes investing marketing, distribution and celebrity endorsements seen by traditional fragrance brands and places the majority of its capital on creating the products.

“We looked at the cost structure and we came up with a simple idea,” said Gilad Amozeg, who cofounded the brand with his wife Ariella Appelbaum. “Why don’t we take the bulk of the money and put it inside the [fragrance] bottle so that [the customer] gets better products, meaning we use more expensive and exotic raw ingredients and eco-friendly materials.”

While the cuts in marketing and operating direct-to-consumer lets the Miami-based brand invest more in creating quality products and using sustainable materials, it also allows them to pass on its savings to the customer. A.N. Other prices its fragrances at $50 for a 50-m.l. bottle and $80 for a 100-m.l. bottle, which is less than other luxury fragrance brands.

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“To deliver a superior product at a lower price, it’s all about value and that value is passed to the consumer,” Amozeg continued. “The consumer should be able to enjoy a much better-quality product for less money.”

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The brand also chose an unconventional model to formulate the fragrances, letting perfumers create their own scents without any briefs or direction. With an emphasis on storytelling, the brand wanted to give the perfumers creative freedom and an unlimited budget to execute their own vision.

“Perfumers are artists and it’s just wrong to rob them of their artistic freedom,” Amozeg said, who also worked with Symrise to source the fragrances’ ingredients. “We didn’t give them a brief. We gave them an opportunity to create a fragrance that they’ve always wanted to create.”

Amozeg worked with four perfumers to create the scents, David Apel, Patricia Bilodeau, Carlos Viñals and Nathalie Benareau, with each formulating a fragrance corresponding to four fragrance families: oriental, woody, fresh and floral. The fragrances are limited-edition with 25,000 bottles made in each scent.

“It’s not about us, it’s about fragrance,” he continued. “That’s where we put our money and resources. It’s about the perfumers telling their stories and most importantly it’s about the customer who benefits from a superior product at a lower price.”

A. N. Other’s 2018 collection is currently available on the brand’s e-commerce site. It has plans to release other fragrance related products this year and work with other perfumers to create a 2019 fragrance collection.