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Avery Fine Perfumery Opens New Boutiques

Perfume shop opens on Mayfair's Avery Row today, as will inside New York's Limelight Marketplace.

LONDON — Niche perfumery has a new nesting place.

Avery Fine Perfumery, a pint-sized boutique located on Mayfair’s Avery Row, will open its doors today, as will an Avery shop-in-shop in New York’s Limelight Marketplace.

The perfumery concept is the brainchild of Celso Fadelli, founder and chief executive officer of Padova, Italy-based fragrance distributor Intertrade Europe, who believes consumers are looking for scents with soul.

“People are looking for experiences and true things,” said Fadelli, adding that Avery Fine Perfumery product branding is kept to a minimum so that clients can appreciate fragrances for their juices rather than slick marketing materials.

Tucked in a tony alleyway across from a barbershop and a stone’s throw from a bustling pub, the London perfumery, which was designed by Lilian Driessen, marries quirky touches with high-tech elements.

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Large birdcages encase windows, for instance, where fragrances rather than birds sit atop perches. (The idea for the store’s name and design hatched from people confusing its address — Avery Row — with the word aviary.) In another window, puffs of scent seem to emanate from a giant bottle of Nasomatto fragrance, thanks to a digital screen. The “spritz” responds to movements outside the window, so people on the sidewalk can direct its flow.

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Inside the 129-square-foot space, customers are greeted with a twittering soundtrack and a flock of bird-related details. Animatronic flowers with feathers in the place of petals bloom once they detect motion, for instance, while oversize birds appear on wallpaper. Giant brass claws were added to a rococo chest of drawers, which acts as the boutique’s display unit.

“We wanted to show just a few bottles,” said Fadelli. “People can sit down and enjoy trying real perfumes and really [take in] the content of the bottles.”

The store’s lineup includes Profumi del Forte, Morgane Le Fay, Boadicea the Victorious, Stilly, Carthusia, Profumi di Firenze, Nez a Nez and Boellis. Scented candles by Hype Noses are displayed under bell jars on one side of the store.

According to industry sources, the Avery Row store could generate retail sales of 300,000 pounds, or $433,337 at current exchange, between June and December.

Avery’s New York outpost will offer a flavor of the London boutique, and other openings may be on the horizon. Fadelli, however, doesn’t plan to take a cookie-cutter approach to widening the concept’s reach.

“It has to stay unique,” he said.