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Randi Shinder Launches New Fragrance Line

The beauty entrepreneur is back in business with a new fragrance and body line called I Smell Great.

Beauty entrepreneur Randi Shinder, who successfully launched Clean Perfume, Dessert Beauty and LipFusion, is back in business with a new fragrance and body line called I Smell Great.

“I thought if I walked through a department store and saw a counter with bottles all over it that said ‘I Smell Great,’ there’s no way, as a consumer, I wouldn’t stop to see what was going on,” said Shinder. The line includes body mist, hair fragrance, eau de parfum, body lotion and lip gloss in four simple and sweetly feminine scents: Angel Cake, Wild Honey, Candy Crush and Beach Babe. “I wanted to create something that would not be cloying but could deliver a brand promise: If I tell you it smells like this, then it will,” she said. The fragrances do smell familiar — a recognition likely triggered by their food and floral notes. Wild Honey, for example, smells like vanilla blended with honey. Shinder has incorporated scent spheres into her formulas, which reportedly work like a fragrance strip in a magazine. She said that, to reactivate the fragrance, wearers need only lick their lips, tousle their hair or rub where they spritzed their eau de parfum. “Some of the scents last up to eight hours, but we’re going with five to six just to be safe,” said Shinder.

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I Smell Great is the latest in a decade-long string of hits for the Canadian entrepreneur. Shinder launched Clean Perfume in the early Aughts. “It was meant to be the first shower-fresh fragrance,” she said. After a flood of success with that product, she got a call from Jessica Simpson’s management team to work on a line, Dessert Beauty. After that came Fusion Beauty, which evolved into a full color collection but began with just one SKU — a lip plumper. “I love to market and push the envelope. [That product] allowed me to do that,” said Shinder. I Smell Great is available on, and products retail from $28 to $68. Shinder declined to comment on sales, but industry sources speculate the line could generate between $10 million to $12 million in sales during the first year.

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