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Bella Freud Makes Foray Into Fragrance

Freud has collaborated with perfumer Azzi Glasser on a collection of three fragrances: Je t'aime Jane, Ginsberg is God, and 1970.

LONDON — Bella Freud, the fashion designer daughter of the late painter Lucian Freud, is making her first foray into fragrance.

Freud has collaborated with perfumer Azzi Glasser on a collection of three fragrances: Je t’aime Jane, Ginsberg is God, and 1970, names that are similar to the slogans on her knitwear. Freud and Glasser have formed a new company, Bella Freud Parfum, to produce and manage the fragrances and to oversee future projects.

The fragrances each cost 65 pounds, or $110, for a 50 ml. bottle of eau de parfum. They will be sold exclusively at Harvey Nichols in London, and online at and Both Freud and Glasser declined to give first-year sales projections.


“It’s such a different thing from what I’m used to, but it seems to work,” Freud said of creating a fragrance. “You know, like taking all the imagery from the fashion and putting it onto the packaging, and seeing it have a different kind of tension, in a way, and then just working with Azzi on the fragrances. She develops, she gives them the sort of personality through the scent,” she told WWD.

The face of the brand is 23-year-old Gala Gordon, an emerging model and actress who will be co-starring with Cara Delevingne — her best friend — in “Kids in Love.”

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“Gala Gordon — she’s a wonderful actress,” Freud told WWD. “I met her in a vintage shop, actually, and she talked to me about her work, and I directed her in a film last year, just a two-minute film.

“I wanted to have someone who meant something to me, whom I believed in. You know, I was really hoping to work with somebody whom I had a relationship with already, and whom I had an affection for. To be able to work with her, just at the beginning of her trajectory, is great, you know, I feel very lucky.”

The launch party took place Thursday night at Harvey Nichols, with guests including Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey.

Je t’aime Jane is for women, and has notes of jasmine night flower absolute, queen of the night flower, ylang ylang and orange blossom, with a base comprised of black oud, sandalwood and powder-musk.

Ginsberg is God, referring to the late poet Allen Ginsberg, is a unisex fragrance infused with black pepper, elemi, sacred woods, resins, wormwood, moss and leather, while 1970 is a woman’s fragrance. It has notes of rose de mai, saffron frankincense, myrrh and benzoin with hints of blonde woods.

Glasser, who has worked in the perfume industry for 25 years, said she enjoys working on scents that can represent personalities.

“With Bella, I was quite lucky, because I’ve obviously known her for quite a long time…I know her personality, her character, and all that sort of side of it, but at the same time we just had lots of conversations and talked about it, about the way she’d been brought up and her world…her childhood when she lived in Marrakesh, climbing trees — and all that kind of side of things,” she said.

Glasser, who has helped to create fragrances for Agent Provocateur, Laura Ashley, Nicole Farhi, Topman, Space NK, Liberty Home and Illamasqua, said that for Je t’aime Jane, Freud’s vision was “a sort of sexy, young girl playing the guitar with a baby, long bare legs, and as she was saying it, I sort of visualized it at the same time.”