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Bond No. 9 Gets a New York State of Mind

After marking almost every NYC neighborhood with its own scent, the fragrance company is now ready to take on all of New York State with a new collection.

After marking almost every New York City neighborhood with its own scent, Bond No. 9 is now ready to take on all of New York State with a new brand, I Love New York by Bond No. 9.

“This is a completely different model for us,” said Laurice Rahme, founder of Bond No. 9. “I call it a hybrid because it has the artisanal makings of a niche brand and the distribution of a designer brand.”

For this range, which will feature wider distribution and a lower price point than the original Bond fragrances, the brand is utilizing the ubiquitous I Love New York slogan and partnering with International Flavors & Fragrances. The scents, priced at $105 for a 50-ml. bottle and $175 for 100-ml. version, are each being designed to denote a specific geographic locale in the state.

The first three fragrances — I Love New York for Her, I Love New York for Him and I Love New York for Everyone — will launch on Sept. 18 in commemoration of Sept. 11. Each will include notes associated with the state, like blueberry and nutmeg. “I think of it as a very emotional product,” said Rahme. “This gives us an opportunity to give back to the city that has been so good to us.”

What triggered the development of the project was gaining the use of the state’s name. “We see Bond as a corporation that embodies beauty and can create a spirit for New York City and state,” said Maha Eltobgy, vice president of marketing and strategy for Empire State Development. She acknowledged that other deals are in the works, presumably involving other product categories.

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Bottles in the 15-piece anthology will feature the trademark Bond stamp, modeled on the NYC Transit Authority subway token from the Seventies, as well as the I Love New York logo, created by Milton Glazer in 1977.

Glazer said he is amazed that his creation has persisted for 35 years. He philosophically noted that commercial artists can do a lifetime of work, which, if lucky, lasts weeks, months or maybe years before “disappearing down the hole of history.” He theorized that his idea lasted so long because it was copied in so many forms and used to sell a gamut of T-shirts, bags and other objects all around the world. It’s constant repetition gave the logo endurance. So much so that he claims that his sense of ownership has slipped away. “I can’t imagine I made it — actually,” he reflected.

The 13 additional scents will roll out to Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom stores, over the next two years.

“These [fragrances] are easy to wear, easy to love and easier to buy,” said Rahme. “We are not going to have an elitist brand with I Love New York on it.”