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Cacharel Casts Net for Amor Amor Ad

It’s the second year running the brand found its fragrance face online.

NET-WORKING: Parfums Cacharel will reveal tomorrow in France the latest advertising campaign for its blockbuster Amor Amor women’s fragrance, whose face was selected through an online casting call.

It’s the second year that the L’Oréal-owned brand turned to the Internet to find the perfume’s ambassador, who this year is a French blogger known by the name Estelle.

“We want to walk the talk,” said Nathalie Duran, international general manager of designer fragrances at L’Oréal. “Amor Amor is really a fragrance of initiation to first love. It belongs to a brand that talks to young people and initiates them to fragrance in the selective market. Today, you can’t only talk to young people, you have to work with them, make [their] talent shine bright and co-create with them [in] what is their environment.”

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Twenty thousand young women between the ages of 16 and 25 (of which 7,000 were from France) participated in the most recent casting, versus 12,000 (out of which 4,000 came from France) in 2014.

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The six-month search process was kicked off by an explanatory video featuring Tal, another blogger.

“That was seen by more than one million young girls,” said Emmanuel Goulin, general manager of fragrances France for L’Oréal Luxe.

YouTuber EnjoyPhoenix also took part, explaining in another spot how, for instance, it is best to approach a casting. There was a Web series, too, including interviews with the 10 semifinalists, and an Amor Amor-related show on Melty, the site aimed at young people, on Thursday.

A professional jury of four, including Duran, made the final selection.

New to the project this year was that people were asked to vote online about which scenario the ad should involve. Two were specified and one — ultimately selected — was left open for L’Oréal executives to create.

The video ad lensed by Arnaud Uyttenhove was shot in Croatia. In it, Estelle has a romantic adventure, involving bounding through a waterfall with a young man and passionately kissing him.

The spots ranging from 15 to 45 seconds will premiere in tandem with the Energy Music Awards 2015, which takes place on Saturday. The ad is destined for television and the Internet in certain markets, especially Spain and France.

Amor Amor is the best-selling worldwide scent for Cacharel, which ranks 15th in Europe among prestige women’s perfume brands. It comes in 12th in Spain and 15th in France.

Amor Amor itself places about 20th in Europe.

Cacharel, whose fragrance wearers tend to start at 12 to 15 years old, has long been digitally active. Today, it has more than one million Facebook fans.

Two years ago, the brand teamed with the French version of “The Voice” online, and it has partnered with the Energy Music Awards on Twitter. Cacharel has also co-created with young people through its Facebook fan base to design coffrets for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

“Cacharel is really digital now, simply because our consumers are,” said Goulin.