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Clive Christian Works Unusual Notes Into Hedonism-Inspired Fragrance Collection

Each fragrance is designed to take the wearer "on a totally unique trip to scent pharmacology."

LONDON — British luxury fragrance house Clive Christian is adding to its fragrance portfolio with a new collection called Addictive Arts, which aims to capture “the rush and the thrill” of hedonism.

Creative director Clive Christian said each fragrance is designed to take the wearer “on a totally unique trip to scent pharmacology.” The collection also introduces a world first in perfume technology, according to Christian. The juice features “headspace technology,” and notes derived from trippy narcotics such as wormwood — an ingredient in absinthe — cocoa leaf and opium poppy. The fragrances also include bespoke natural ingredients, which Christian said is “untraceable under analysis and impossible to imitate.”

Christian called this range a “new form of perfume experience; provocative, decadent and an expression of our human tendency to excess,” while many of the notes are taken straight from the kitchen.

A juice known as Jump Up and Kiss Me contains tuberose, mandarin and orange bigarade, while Hedonistic features amber, smoky leather and labdanum. Vision in a Dream has hints of almond, armoise and green galbanum, while Psychedelic has been created from kaffir lime leaf and armoise. Chasing the Dragon is a mix of notes such as ylang-ylang, jasmine and narcissus while Hypnotic has clove, black cherry and cinnamon.

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The new fragrances are priced at 525 pounds for 75 ml., and they will launch exclusively with Harrods in the U.K. on Oct. 8. In the U.S., the collection will be sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus beginning Nov. 1.

“Addictive Arts has uncovered a truly individual perfume experience within the niche fragrance sphere,” said Harrods beauty director Annalise Fard. “We were instantly drawn to the fascinating scent experience created for the consumer through the intriguing combination of ingredients.”

Amy Nelson-Bennett, group chief executive officer at Clive Christian, said the AddictiveFusion technology used in the fragrances was unique, and pointed to the growth of the niche fragrance sector. She said the customers will be “fragrance connoisseurs.”

“These customers are looking beyond marketing concepts for a genuinely unique and authentic story,” Nelson-Bennett said. “True luxury consumers’ expectations are always rising, so if a brand is responding to that, effectively there is opportunity to surpass those expectations. I consider it the responsibility of Clive Christian Perfume to continually raise that luxury bar. The Addictive Arts collection and AddictiveFusion technology are trailblazing and will do just that.”

Addictive Arts was developed by the England-based CPL Aromas, which works on all of Clive Christian fragrances. Clive Christian declined to reveal details of the AddictiveFusion technology, which has been patented by CPL.

Nelson-Bennett said the U.S. is the brand’s largest market — and their least penetrated — and it’s a major focus of growth. She noted the Gulf region is also a top market, and that Russia has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years. She said London retailers are the backbone of the business: The Clive Christian fragrances sell at stores including Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges.

Nelson-Bennett said that Clive Christian is set to deliver its second consecutive year of high-double digit sales growth. “Based on two very strong years of growth since the acquisition of the business in 2015 and our robust plans for next year, we expect global retail sales to exceed $50 million dollars in 2018.”

There is some new distribution pushing those numbers, Nelson-Bennett added, “but they are primarily like-for-like and being driven by-product innovation, sales education and counter experience. We intend to finish the year on a high with the launch of Addictive Arts, which is not going to be a volume bestseller, but we do expect the collection to represent 10 percent of our sales mix by the end of 2018, as we expand distribution to other flagship doors globally.”