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D.S. & Durga’s Fumetruck Drives Signature Scents Around the Streets of New York

The perfume brand will be selling products via their "Fumetruck" throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

No store, no problem — DS & Durga is planning to bring their indie fragrances to New York-area customers this summer via a “Fumetruck.”

While the brand temporarily shuttered its NoLIta store due to the coronavirus pandemic, founders and husband and wife duo David and Kavi Moltz have launched an ice cream truck-inspired workaround. 

“How can we bring the store to people so that they could be at a safe distance and feel comfortable shopping?” David Moltz said. The Fumetruck is the couple’s answer. 

The store on wheels will be serving cold perfume from coolers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer. “When it’s so hot and you have a chilled spray of Rose Atlantic, one of our light summery scents, it’s so refreshing,” David Moltz said. 

Coronavirus Impact: D.S. & Durga Launches
DS & Durga’s Vio Volta

The truck will also sell D.S. and Durga’s newest product, Big Sur After Rain hand sanitizer, as well as candles, hand soap and body care. Contactless payment options will be available. 

Interested shoppers can find out the truck’s location via the brand’s Instagram page or through texting Fumetruck to 24321 to subscribe to text updates.

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The Moltz’s plan to reopen the NoLIta store when they feel it is safe to do so, and also plan to open a location in Williamsburg. But in the meantime, the Fumetruck will frequent those neighborhoods. 

While D.S. & Durga had seen a temporary dip in fragrance sales over the course of the pandemic, the brand has experienced jumps in candle and hand soap sales, and quickly sold out of the Big Sur After Rain hand sanitizer.