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Coty Launches Vera Wang Princess of Hearts

A sponsorship with Teen Vogue will highlight the Princess franchise as a fragrance wardrobe to be mixed and matched based on fashion looks.

For finicky Millennials who’d rather have a fragrance wardrobe than wear one signature sent, Vera Wang now has 11 Princess options to choose from.

The Vera Wang Princess of Hearts scent is the 10th flanker in the Coty Inc.-owned Princess franchise, Wang’s younger-skewing line of scents that is the most successful in her portfolio with the company. It is set to drop in Kohl’s Corp. stores and online Feb. 1, and Coty is planning a digital marketing push that plays up the idea of the Princess line as a real fragrance collection.

“Princess was originally conceived to connect with every girl as there are so many sides and lives to us all,” said Vera Wang, who noted that each Princess fragrance has its own unique personality. “Our newest Princess reflects the emotional connection women desire and experience. Like all the others it is an affirmation of life, and lifestyle, diversity, fun, fashion and above all — relevance.”

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Princess of Hearts is a tutti-frutti-like scent aimed at teen girls. Encapsulated in the regulation Princess heart-shaped bottle, it is emblazoned with lipstick-style hearts scrawled all over. To push the launch, Coty is embarking on a sponsored digital marketing campaign with Teen Vogue, which will include a post on, pairing each Princess fragrance with a corresponding outfit from Vera Wang’s fashion collection, chosen to match the fragrance’s personality. “Our partnership with Teen Vogue will generate buzz and excitement for the new fragrance through social amplification via posts on Facebook and Twitter,” said Madeline Blaize, senior brand manager.

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Positioning the Vera Wang Princess line as more of a collection from which to create a fragrance wardrobe is a good strategy for Coty if it wants to tap into the Millennial audience with the Princess franchise. The NPD Group analyst Kissura Craft told WWD earlier this month that Millennials would rather match their fragrance to their mood than wear the same old one every day. “What’s interesting about this particular age group is they’re really about the experience,” she said. “They’d rather pay for an experience than actually buy a product, so fragrance can use that…what’s a bigger experience than your mood?”

The Princess of Hearts mood is all about “being the life of the party and ready to express love,” according to Shannon Curtin, senior vice president for North America at Coty. “It’s timely for Valentine’s Day and fits the spirit of today’s Millennial consumers.”

The actual juice, formulated by Natasha Cote with Givaudan, has a base of musk, vanilla cream and cedarwood, a heart of star jasmine and lily of the valley and is topped with notes of watermelon, wild strawberry and bergamot. A 1-oz. eau de toilette is $45, and the 1.7-oz. version retails for $65. Coty declined to give figures, but industry sources estimated the fragrance will do $2 million to $4 million in sales in its first year on-counter.

Coty and Wang declined to give comment on future Princess fragrances, though Wang’s personal philosophy on fragrance is aligned with the one-per-year-strategy — and it’s a pretty Millennial way of thinking, too.

“[The Princess franchise is] authentic to my personal philosophy about how a scent can create a memory, a mood, a moment and/or a celebration,” said Wang. “To know our latest Princess is to know our entire fragrance franchise — each one with a charming, evocative bottle and packaging and juice that is reflective of the theme.