PARIS — Les Parfums Salvador Dali wants to breath new life into Dali’s signature lips.

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Dali’s fragrance license holder, Cofinluxe, plans every year to invite a different artist to create a bottle illustration incorporating the iconic lips.

The first such project, by France’s Mikael Carriau, features the Dali mouth colored orange and placed in the center of a pink flower whose curved stem makes it look like it is dancing. Called Little Kiss, the floral fruity musky women’s scent, an eau de toilette by Givaudan’s Guillaume Flavigny, comes in 30-, 50- and 100-ml. bottles for 28 euros, 39 euros and 55 euros, or $43, $77 and $60 at current exchange, respectively. The fragrance will bow next month internationally as part of the permanent Dali catalogue.

Under Cofinluxe’s Morgan de Toi fragrance license, a floral fresh scent, concocted by International Flavors and Fragrances’ Laurent Bruyère and Dominique Ropion, is being launched worldwide this month. Called My Morgan, the eau de toilette targets the 18-to-20 female demographic. The bottle design features a bold floral pattern. The fragrance comes in 35-, 60- and 100-ml. bottles for 23 euros, 33 euros and 46 euros, or $35, $51 and $71, respectively.