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E-Robertet Launches for Professionals of All Sizes

The digital platform is meant to extend the French natural fragrance and flavors supplier’s reach.

PARIS — Robertet Group, the world’s leading supplier of natural fragrances and flavors, has launched a digital sales platform for organic essential oils, e-Robertet, in order to broaden its customer reach.

“The Robertet Group has been present in the fragrance market for 170 years, but for a long time it was limited to specialists in the fragrance industry and to the major composition houses,” Robertet said in a statement. “With e-Robertet, the group wishes to extend its range of organic essential oils to new horizons. Always on the lookout for innovative solutions, the decision to create an e-commerce site for raw materials aimed at professionals was a natural choice.”

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The market for natural and organic fragrance and beauty products is burgeoning today, as consumers increasingly look for product ingredient traceability and transparency. Concurrently, indie brands are on the rise in that space, and they cannot place the same size orders as large brands and multinational groups.

Robertet said e-Robertet allows people to purchase sustainably sourced natural ingredients easily from the world over. The platform sells essential oils, vegetal oils and floral waters, in quantities upward of 5 grams. Absolutes, CO2 extracts, more essential oils and other products — both conventional and certified organic — are due to be added soon.

“The Robertet Group is involved at every stage of the sourcing process, guaranteeing a stable supply, high-quality processing and a direct channel for professionals,” it said.

Family-owned Robertet was founded in 1850 in Grasse, France, which is considered the birthplace of modern perfumery. Robertet claims to be the only fragrance, flavors and ingredients company to be fully integrated at each phase of the creation process. The group has a presence in more than 50 countries and about 2,000 employees.