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EXCLUSIVE: Thom Browne Launching First Fragrances

The eponymous collection of six scents will be introduced globally starting in October.

SIX SCENTS: Thom Browne is dipping into the world of fragrance for the first time, with a collection of six scents, due out in October.

“I wanted to create a collection of timeless and iconic fragrances for both men and women…a very personal collection with its central core being vetiver,” the designer told WWD, describing the scents as “brave” and “pure.” “I do appreciate fragrances that confidently and unabashedly stand on their own, fragrances that provoke a true emotion.”

Each scent, created with Givaudan, contains an accord of three vetiver extracts. There’s Vetyver Absolute, then combinations such as Vetyver and Cucumber, Vetyver and Grapefruit and Vetyver and Rose.

The designer said he chose vetiver “because it is an iconic scent which served as a good base for my fragrance collection.”

Each perfume is named with the date of the designer’s birth, 09.27.65, and then the numbers 01 to 06, according to the scent. “Because the fragrance collection was so personal to me, I based the serial numbers like titles of each fragrance off the date of my birth,” he explained.

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The price per 75-ml. eau de parfum ranges from $200 to $250. The fragrances will be sold in Thom Browne boutiques, on and Dover Street Market stores starting in October.