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Firmenich Names Three Master Perfumers

Honorine Blanc, Martin Koh and Johannes Feser were honored at a recent ceremony in Geneva.

Firmenich has named three of its perfumers to the rarified ranks of master perfumer at the company.

Honorine Blanc, Martin Koh and Johannes Feser were honored at a recent ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland, with Patrick Firmenich, chief executive officer of Firmenich, and Yves Boisdron, chairman of Firmenich. The fragrance company’s master perfumer rank was added nearly 50 years ago to honor perfumers “who have distinguished themselves through their human qualities, creativity and steady contribution to Firmenich’s reputation through olfactive signatures which are recognized benchmarks for success and creativity in the industry,” said the organization.

Blanc is a New York-based fine-fragrance perfumer, while Feser is a home-care perfumer who works in Geneva and Koh is a body- and home-care perfumer who works in London.

“Perfumers never cease to provoke our senses with their creations,” said Armand de Villoutreys, president of perfumery at Firmenich. “By crafting fragrances that deliver unique emotions to products, they touch lives of consumers every day. Today, fragrance leadership in a global marketplace demands that perfumers couple their passion and intuition with excellence in technical execution and outstanding collaboration. I am very proud of the accomplishments of the perfumers who have been bestowed this honor.”

Added Firmenich, “I am very proud that our company was a pioneer in firmly establishing this noble distinction within our industry. As a 100 percent family-owned company that is committed to success as a guarantee of continued independence, Firmenich has always been deeply invested in the capabilities of our creators and of our researchers to ensure the highest quality and creativity to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.”