Move over, National Lipstick Day — National Fragrance Day is officially on the calendar.

It’s happening March 21, according to Linda Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation. Also in the works for the group — a multibrand holiday pop-up shop and a lot more social media.

“March 21, 2018, starts the beginning of what we are calling The Fragrance Day,” Levy said. “There have been a lot of these days — there’s lipstick day, there’s be kind to your mother day, or give back day…but wouldn’t it be a great thing if we could, all together, participate in fragrance day? And we are going to.”

The foundation is creating a logo for the big day that members can use to promote. “We’re going to have a countdown, we’re going to launch it, and every day for the rest of our lives on March 21st we are going to celebrate fragrance.”

In connection with the new holiday, The Fragrance Foundation plans to launch a social media campaign to support the event. Part of the campaign will include posing questions to followers, like, what does fragrance mean to you, what is your favorite scent memory, what was your first olfactive shock, or where do you wear your fragrance, Levy said. The holiday will be trademarked, she noted.

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The Fragrance Day conversation was part of a presentation on Wednesday morning about The Fragrance Foundation’s broader plans for the year ahead, presented by Levy, who joined in September.

“We are going to engage consumers, we are going to enhance membership, we are going to enrich our talent…we are going to give back to the world…Our fifth objective is to create experiences,” Levy said, adding that one of those might very well be a pop-up shop for the 2018 holiday season.