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Beauty Beat: Fuentes’ Perfume Franchise Adds Dianoche Love

Daisy Fuentes is freshening her Dianoche scent franchise with a new fragrance called Dianoche Love, due in April.

Daisy Fuentes is freshening her Dianoche scent franchise with a new fragrance this spring: Dianoche Love, due in April.

“We wanted to express the different stages of love with this scent,” said Fuentes during an interview Friday. “Flirty, intense, passionate — it made a lot of sense with the day-and-night concept we have with Dianoche.”

The scent brand was built on Fuentes’ idea of having two complementary scents that can be worn individually or mixed together. “Originally, I thought we’d have one scent for day and one for night; I didn’t realize that I’d get so many different variations as I played with the fragrances,” she said.

“It’s like texture on texture — a subtlety that brings a different dimension to each time of day,” said Karyn Khoury, senior vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. Fuentes’ scent brand is created and distributed through Lauder’s BeautyBank division.

For a main ingredient, Fuentes was drawn to jasmine. “There’s this great story I’ve heard about Cleopatra dousing her sails with jasmine before she headed into war,” she said. “Here’s this woman who is strong and fierce, yet still wanted to smell fabulous — that’s what really inspired this scent.” The main ingredient resonates in another way for the Cuban-born Fuentes: butterfly jasmine is the national flower of Cuba.

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Like the original Dianoche, Love comprises two scents — a day version and a night version, which are intended to work together — which were created by Fuentes and Khoury, in cooperation with Firmenich. The day version, a floral, has top notes of frangipani, peony, Italian mandarin, water lily and white peach; a heart of jasmine petals and butterfly jasmine, and a drydown of amber, sandalwood and creamy skin accord. The night version, a floral oriental, has top notes of gardenia, Italian mandarin, peony and white peach; a heart of jasmine absolute and butterfly jasmine, and a drydown of teakwood, amber and creamy vanilla.

“The concept of Dianoche, and what makes it so much fun to work on, is that it is based on Daisy’s emotions,” said Khoury. “And that emotion is what her customers are after.”

Dianoche Love will retail for $42.50 for 60 ml. total of fragrance. It will be sold exclusively in all of the approximately 1,000 Kohl’s doors.

While neither Khoury nor Fuentes would comment on projected sales, industry sources estimated that Dianoche Love would do at least $3 million at retail in its first year on counter.

Fuentes is also hard at work with new additions to her eponymous brand, including a just-launched paraben-free hair care line with Beautology.

“I want my tomato to be organic — I’m not sure I need my hair products to be organic, because I still want them to work — and I wasn’t finding a lot of natural hair care products that were actually effective,” she said. “When I found this company who believed the same things I did and were as passionate as I was about getting a quality product out there — it was key.”

She is also launching prescription eyewear in late April, and has her sights set on doing color cosmetics at some point. “I’ve been doing hair and makeup since I was 12,” she said. “It’s something that I love and feel knowledgeable about — it seems like a natural fit. What I’ve found with my brand is that what’s successful are the things that I am passionate about, and I am passionate about beauty.” She is also working on a new fragrance.