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Genny Unveils Platinum Fragrance

The fragrance is developed by licensee Eurocosmesi.

MILAN — The launch of Genny’s latest fragrance served as the perfect occasion to inaugurate the fashion label’s new showroom overlooking Milan’s central Piazza Cordusio area.

The all-white space suited the crystalline scent, named Genny Platinum and developed over the arch of a year by the brand’s licensee Eurocosmesi.

This is the second scent released by the fashion label in partnership with Eurocosmesi after the launch of the My Genny fragrance in September. In addition, since the signing of the licensing agreement last year, Eurocosmesi continued to distribute the label’s previous fragrances — including Eau de Genny, Genny Noir and Genny Caress — which registered a 20 percent increase in sales in Italy in 2017.

According to the brand’s creative director Sara Cavazza Facchini, Genny Platinum is a more sensual scent compared to My Genny, and targets stronger and slightly more mature women, aged more than 30 years.

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“The idea is to communicate the strength and determination of the modern woman, hence the name of a precious metal which never changes,” explained Facchini, underscoring that the goal was to translate in a fragrance the blend of determination and femininity she aims to express through her apparel and accessories collections.

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Sara Cavazza Facchini posing with the Genny Platinum fragrance.
Sara Cavazza Facchini posing with the Genny Platinum fragrance. DEMIS CRUDELI

Conceived by Symrise nose Pierre Kurzenne, Genny Platinum’s transparent juice is powdery and fruity, featuring blackcurrant, raspberry and violet’s leaves as top notes. The flowery core blends rose, iris and lily of the valley, while the dry-down made of vanilla, sandalwood and amber add to the intensity of the eau de parfum.

The transparent, vintage-inspired glass bottle features a sinuous shape chiseled in geometric patterns. These also define the cap, while a golden ring at the neck of the bottle complete the design carrying the name of the label.

Debuting in Italy this month, the fragrance retails at 38 euros and 58 euros for the 50-ml. and 100-ml. formats, respectively.

Available in Genny stores, the brand’s e-commerce and selective perfumeries, the fragrance is also distributed in the rest of Europe, Asia and the U.S., while the rollout in Russia and in the Middle-East will be next.

“It’s important to distribute the fragrance abroad right away, in order to take advantage of the success the brand is having outside Italy,” said Marco Bernabino, commercial and marketing director of Coswell Group. Bernabino said that the international expansion of Genny’s fragrances is the main goal of the company, while in Italy their sales are set to replicate the 20 percent growth registered last year. In particular, Genny Platinum will be distributed in 2,200 doors in the country.

Beside the domestic market, Middle-East and the U.S. are the key areas for the development of the brand in general.

Genny is opening a store in Los Angeles by the end of the year, as local customers’ taste is affine to the brand’s aesthetic. “In New York there are too many [labels,] Los Angeles is a more fitting choice for us also for what concerns celebrities and red carpet opportunities,” noted Cavazza Facchini, whose creations have been donned by Eva Longoria and Jaimie Alexander, among others.

The designer is also eyeing a product category expansion for the brand, which already includes an eyewear line produced by Jet Set Group and the “Genny Princess” children’s wear collection, introduced last year.

“We have different ideas, the brand is growing and we receive many requests from clients that would like to see the Genny aesthetic developed in other fields, even in interior design,” said Cavazza Facchini.

Fragrance-wise, the designer revealed she’s not working on the next launch yet but thinking about introducing a “talcum powdery scent for children.”

The Genny brand was acquired by Italian apparel manufacturing group Swinger International from the Prada Group in 2011. Cavazza Facchini, who modeled professionally at one time, took the helm of the Genny brand in 2013, succeeding former creative director Gabriele Colangelo. Married to Swinger International ceo Mathias Facchini, Cavazza Facchini debuted her first Genny collection with the spring 2014 season. In addition to producing the Genny collections and Genny Princess children’s wear line, Swinger International also controls the Byblos brand.