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Givaudan, Coveteur Collaborate on ‘Behind the Bottle’ Campaign

The collaboration highlights the diverse backgrounds of Givaudan’s perfumers.

Givaudan is changing up the way it tells its fragrance stories.

Teaming with digital media company Coveteur, the fragrance house has debuted its “Behind the Bottle” campaign that highlights the diverse stories of its perfumers. The campaign is meant to reach people outside of the fragrance industry to show them what goes on behind the scenes of creating scents.

“The world is more curious about how things work, and in this digital era, people are getting information everywhere and finding new sources of inspiration,” said Emily Bond, head of fine fragrance at Givaudan. “This seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to reach outside our bubble and share our group of perfumers.”

Debuting on Coveteur, the campaign’s video shows a few of the fragrance house’s perfumers, including Linda Song, Nicole Mancini, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Stephen Nilsen, who each talk about how they became perfumers and their approaches to formulating scents.

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“It was so exciting to take a look behind the scenes on the perfumers behind the industry’s leading fragrances,” said Meagan Wilson, associate creative director at Coveteur. “We don’t typically profile corporate teams, but Givaudan is different. Each perfumer is really encouraged to bring a little piece of themselves into everything they create and it was so fascinating to get to take a closer look at their process.”

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The campaign is also a way for Givaudan to use different platforms not traditionally used by the fragrance house in its outreach. The fragrance house looks to social media and digital tools to listen to its consumers and learn more about what they want, which inspired Givaudan to embark on this campaign. Givaudan has plans to continue its collaboration with Coveteur, but did not specify what is coming next.

On the evolving role of the perfumer, Song, who is the perfumer behind Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana French Grey and Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, among others, stressed that authenticity and transparency have become key factors in formulating scents.

“We’re in a time of authenticity where people are diving into the details to know where things are from,” she said. “We want to demystify the industry because a lot of people don’t understand what goes behind the bottle and we’re trying to break down those barriers. There is beauty and craft behind fragrance and we want to let people explore what that entails.”