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Halle Berry Promotes New Scent in Germany

Berry, in town to promote her latest fragrance with Coty Prestige, Reveal, was gracious to excited customers and staff.

HAMBURG — The German harbor city that helped birth the Beatles was the site of almost Fab Four-level screaming when a local Douglas store hosted Halle Berry on Thursday.


Berry, in town to promote her latest fragrance with Coty Beauty, Reveal, was gracious to excited customers and staff. Clad in sky-high peep-toe Christian Louboutin platforms and a gray minidress with shimmering rose-gold stripes, she charmed the crowds by delivering heartfelt thanks in cautious but accurate German. A Douglas spokesman estimated the headcount at close to a thousand people of all ages waiting for Berry to sign bottles of her new scent.


Reveal launched August in Europe and Australia, and will hit the U.S., Canada and Latin America in January. Explaining Berry’s appeal in the region, Coty chief executive officer Bernd Beetz called the actress “the classical Hollywood myth, contemporized. That’s something that I think is striking a big chord with the consumer, especially in Europe.” Her in-store appearances make her “approachable, tangible, visible,” continued Beetz. “Getting in touch with the audience is very important and very rewarding.”

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An authentic, personal connection is key for Berry, from revealing herself in frank interviews, like her recent cover story for Vogue magazine, to meeting potential customers. “For me, it’s about coming to the store tonight and being able to touch the people that will maybe buy this,” said Berry. “To be able to let them know I really did create this, I was a big part of this, this is from my heart, not just my name stuck on something.”


Her involvement ranged from influencing the scent, insisting that her favorite flower, mimosa, be featured in the notes, to coming up with the design for the teardrop shaped bottle, based on a favorite glass piece she collected while working in Morocco many years ago. Facets and a jeweled cap were added; a label or printing were specifically not, said Berry.


“I wanted this to just be a beautiful bottle that a woman could display and not have her be hit in the face with my name or anybody’s name, but just be a beautiful precious piece of art sitting on her table.”


Though her previous scents have accented femininity, Berry said she’d like to create a men’s fragrance in the future.


Berry will also make an appearance at a Douglas store in Poland. “We’re trying more and more to connect the fashion business as well as the movie business together with our world of beauty,” said Jochen Halfmann, general manager of Douglas Perfumeries.