PARIS — ISIPCA — the school for perfumery, cosmetics and food flavors — celebrated its 40th anniversary on Thursday night.

The institution that was founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain and is based in Versailles, France, welcomed speakers — including graduates such as Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser and chef Thierry Marx — at the chamber of commerce and industry here. Discussions covered such subjects as innovation.

Tweets from the soiree, with speakers’ words of wisdom, were intermittently shown on large screens at the front of the sweeping room. Among them were:

• “Innovation is the holy grail,” said Audrey Echertier Bonnard, R&D manager at Danone fresh products.
• “You can create something once in a lifetime but you can improve 1,000,” said Marx.
• “Marketing is not the enemy of ideas but sometimes exceeds its competences,” said Wasser.
• “Transfer emotion to the person who will use the product,” said Véronique Dupont, perfumer at Azur Fragrances and professor at ISIPCA.
• “In a school you learn curiosity, generosity — you receive as much as you give,” said Pierre-Antoine Gailly, president of the chamber of commerce and industry in the Paris Île-de-France region. In another tweet he said of ISIPCA specifically: “It is a school of passion, luxury, savoir-faire, French touch, a school of all the senses.”