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Jo Malone Returns to What She Loves

Malone will launch a new fragrance brand called Jo Loves.

Jo Malone is stepping back into the world of fragrance.

This fall, Malone — who in 2006 stepped down from the Jo Malone Ltd. brand she created after selling it to the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. in 1999 — will launch a new fragrance brand called Jo Loves.

The brand will launch with a collection of fragrances, and Malone is developing a range that will encompass fragrance through flavor-inspired products. Malone said that, as the brand’s name suggests, the products have been guided by her own personal taste.

“It’s things that I love, and some people will love them and some people won’t,” said Malone. “I haven’t really got a specific target audience.”

To introduce the brand, Malone will launch a Jo Loves Web site,, and Facebook page today, which will both show a video of Malone introducing the brand. While product names and ingredients are still under wraps, Malone has released an image of the brand’s logo, which will be the words “Jo Loves” set in a black and deep red square.

The packaging will also follow this theme. “It’s very giftable,” said Malone.

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Since Malone exited Jo Malone Ltd. in 2006, she has been involved with different charity projects and schemes to help young entrepreneurs, and last year Malone’s television show, “High Street Dreams,” aired on the BBC in the U.K. The program, which Malone conceived, followed budding entrepreneurs trying to bring their products to major retailers. It was during the show’s filming, Malone said, that she discovered she had “that hunger” to start a brand again.

“It made me remember I love the beginnings of anything,” she said.

Malone went on to create her first fragrance last summer. “It’s like running round a racing track, when suddenly you get past that pain barrier and you start to sprint, and that’s what it felt like for me,” said Malone of arriving at the fragrance’s formula. “And I decided I was going to give it a go.” In addition to new fragrances, Malone said she will also introduce her own terminology to describe the different types of fragrances she’s created.

Malone, together with her husband Gary Willcox, owns 100 percent of the Jo Loves brand, which she’s currently running from her own home. Malone said the fragrance is aimed at the “higher end of the market.”

Meanwhile, along with launching products, Malone is also plotting a retail element to her new brand. “I’m definitely thinking about retail,” said Malone. “I’ve got a very different idea of how I want a shop to look.” And she has a broad vision for the brand’s reach. “I’m looking at selling it in all four corners of the world again, I don’t just want to stay in my city,” said Malone. “I want to create jobs from it, I want to create the interest.” Malone continues to attend speaking events for young entrepreneurs and offers her help to nurture emerging businesses.

And while she underlined that she feels the brand “won’t end in a bottle of fragrance this time,” the olfactory world remains her passion. “Fragrance is the thing that makes my heart beat, it’s the thing I think about every single day,” said Malone. “It’s something that makes me incredibly happy and fulfils me as a human being.”