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Joya Implements ‘Quick Strike’ Launch Strategy

The fragrance brand’s initiative takes inspiration from the "quick-drop" merchandising strategy of streetwear brands.

Joya is disrupting the traditional beauty launch model.

The fragrance brand and design studio is implementing a new “quick strike” launch strategy similar to models used by many streetwear brands like Supreme, which drops new merchandise every Thursday, to release a slew of collaborations with artists, designers and film production companies, among others, from now until early next year.

“The idea is to reinforce our ownership of scent collaborations and push them forward by talking to the end customer and show the scope and breadth of what we can do,” said Frederick Bouchardy, founder of Joya. “It shows the diversity of the brands and designers we work with and it’s a way to surprise and delight customers and tell stories they might not know of in fragrance.”

For launches, Joya has devised a schedule of quick drops through early next year culminating with the release of an enhanced version of the brand’s own fragrance collection, including its full 17 stockkeeping unit offerings of fragrances, candles, diffusers and scented objects, and new offerings. These products are meant to enhance the customer experience with new packaging and designs.

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Some releases include a collaboration with Condition World for media company Complex’s upcoming festival, ComplexCon, for a scented activation inspired by sports with a limited-edition product for sale. Joya is also working with Kings County Distillery to release two whiskey-inspired candles and is working with the Noelle Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. for a signature fragrance. Prices for the collaborations range from $15 to $500. These products will usually launch on Fridays at 11 a.m.

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“We have a unique business in that we have a brand and then we also have a well-known design studio,” Bouchardy continued. “The list of our services and offerings is diverse and extreme in that these artist collaborations are real art pieces.”

Since launching in 2006, the studio has collaborated with a number of designers, brands and media partners including partnerships like a candle made with beauty e-tailer Violet Grey and a candle made with the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. To continue these kinds of collaborations, Joya is implementing the strategy to control its distribution, whether sold in its Brooklyn store or its web site, or codistributed with the collaborator. The brand sells its products on its own web site, Net-a-porter and other small boutiques.

“We want to make noise in the scent and beauty world with a strategy that’s never been used before in this industry,” said Eileen Nardoza, digital and communications manager at Joya. “We’re trying to raise awareness for the brand and our collaborators as well.”

Joya will be promoting its launches on its social media platforms and with the collaborators. Most of the launches will only be available on the brand’s web site.