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Katy Perry Gets Royal Berlin Welcome

Hordes of screaming youths lined the path to a Douglas Perfumery to see the singer promote her new Coty fragrance, Killer Queen.

It was a scene fit for a teen queen — on Wednesday, hordes of screaming youths lined the path to a Douglas Perfumery on a busy shopping street in western Berlin, with a sole mission — to see singer Katy Perry promote her new Coty fragrance, Killer Queen.

Clutching Primark and Pimkie bags, they yelled with fervor as a cheerful announcer and a quartet of costumed footmen and ladies-in-waiting soothed the waiting masses by tossing plastic gold crowns, tiaras and scepters into their waving arms.

“Berlin was the perfect place — very young, full of energy, lot of artists, art going on. It’s a bit irreverent as a town, there’s a spirit that’s very much Katy Perry, so we felt it was the right place to be,” said Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty.

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It will also be the only place — this is the sole launch event in Europe for Killer Queen, though Semerari said there would be some as-of-yet-unplanned Coty activities in conjunction with Perry’s upcoming tour for her album “Prism,” which is scheduled for release in October.

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After a long wait, Perry arrived on the red carpet via motorcycle (wearing a helmet), and greeted fans and passersby to a seemingly endless loop of Queen’s Killer Queen, which provided name and inspiration for the new fragrance.

Inside Douglas, Perry signed perfume boxes and cards for 100 lucky shoppers.

Clad in a black and red checked school-girl-chic mini suit, her hair was braided and wrapped around in her head in a manner that reminded some, fittingly, of Oktoberfest. She also received a photo collage from a young Berlin-based fan, and talked a bit about her new scent.

“I wanted to put a little strength in a bottle,” said Perry, who also cheerfully noted that her fragrance “didn’t smell like Grandma.” She told the crowd she was delighted to be in trendsetting Berlin, thanked her German fans for their passion and, like a true businesswoman, also complimented their home country on its strong economy.

Coty acquired Perry’s Fragrance license in 2012, including her two existing scents from Gigantic Parfums, which are likely to see a halo effect on sales from Perry’s new launch and music releases. “Katy Perry is a megastar,” said Semerari. “Whatever she does…at the end, it’s her, and the more she’s up-front, I think the whole line will profit.”