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Kendall Jenner Takes the Stage at Macy’s

It's just another evening with hundreds of onlookers as she plugs Estée Lauder's new fragrance.

NEW YORK — Some people, especially if they are only 19 years old, would not react well to an estimated 2,500 onlookers squirming to get a glimpse of her, as happened to Kendall Jenner Friday evening when she walked onto a stage in front of the Estée Lauder counter at Macy’s Herald Square as the spokesperson for Lauder’s new fragrance, Modern Muse Le Rouge.

The crowd filled the center section of Macy’s cavernous beauty floor and jammed the balconies on both sides. But for young Jenner, it was another afternoon at her family’s office. “My little sister [Kylie Jenner] and I grew with the fame that we got,” Jenner said, during an interview with WWD before the event. “We got used to it at a really easy pace,” she continued. “It’s kind of been normal since we were babies. My dad [now Caitlyn Jenner] was always doing red carpets, going to events and he was working with ESPN a lot at Disney World. He’d sit on stage and answer questions and there would be hundreds of people in the audience. My little sister and I would run on stage and sit on his lap.”

Her youthful poise will come in handy as Le Rouge moves around the world. Industry sources estimate the fragrance could generate $90 million in retail sales globally in its first year.

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